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Did you know that Avon sells belif products? They do! And that makes it super easy for you to get your belief on and delivered right to your front door.

belif is a popular skincare company that people have trusted for years because of their promise to find and use the purest ingredients available.

From the belief website:

belif sourced the world over to find the best and purest ingredients and inherits the legacy of a centuriesold herbal apothecary—Napiers, which is renowned for its powerful herbal remedies. Our products are free of: parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic preservatives, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, and animal origin ingredients.” ~ belief website

About the belif Brand:

150 years ago, a baker in Scotland named Duncan Napier was looking for something to treat his cough. He found success with some natural herbs. He continued to study and became a medical herbalist who had his own shop. belif continues the legacy of Napier’s herbal apothecary. belif uses the best of time-honored apothecary herbal traditions and modern Korean skin science to create skincare you can trust to be pure.

Who Needs To Use belif?

Avon has a lot of skincare products and several different lines of products. Sometimes it’s hard to know which product would be best for you. When it comes to their belief line, Avon recommends using their moisturizers for people who have dry skin to help with dehydration.

Avon also recommends that people with visible pores use belif Serum.

The belif Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser is another popular item.

For those of you who already know and love belif, Avon has you covered with a large jar of belif Aqua Bomb and for those of you who are waiting to try belif, why not look into a travel size set where you can test out several of the different products to see if they work well with your skin?

In addition to their skincare line, Avon also sells a couple of lovely belif Eau de Parfum fragrances, The Garden and The Woods.

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Avon’s Best Skin Tightening Products that Work

At the tender age of Thirty Twice, I have to say that one of my biggest skin care concerns is sagging skin. And of all the body parts that can sag as we age, I have to say that my face is/was/and will always be my BIGGEST concern. Wrinkles are bad enough but for me, it was the appearance of what could only be described as jowls that had me quaking in my boots.

After joining Avon last year as an independent sales representative, I learned about a slew of products that are designed especially for tightening facial skin and I’ve been using them religiously ever since. I’m happy to report that there’s a lot less skin droop in my jaw area.

Here’s a link to an article at my online Avon store listing Avon’s Best Skin Tightening Products that Work. In the article, you’ll see not only products to help you combat sagging skin but also Pro Tips to help you keep your youthful looking complexion.

Model using Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System

Lift, tighten and firm with our expert skin care and restorative body creams and skin tightening products. We’ll help you prove that age is just a number.


What is your biggest skin care concern? Let’s talk about it in the comments. Maybe I can help!

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Make Clean Beauty Your New Skin Care Routine

As a gardener, I love using plant-derived beauty products. As an Avon Rep, I love that I can get those products at Avon! And because of those two things, I really love the Farm Rx line of Avon beauty products.

The experts at the Avon Insiders blog have put together an article to help you clean up your beauty routine.

Why Your Routine Needs Clean Beauty

Why Your Routine Needs Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty at Avon is defined by products that are thoughtfully made with health of our bodies in mind including natural, ingredients. Our clean beauty products include plant-derived skin care made with an innovative herb complex and a facial oil featuring sustainably sourced CBD.

Clean up your beauty routine with Farm Rx, a skin care collection with plant-based ingredients for healthy skin. Featuring over 85% natural ingredients, these clean formulas are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates and so much more. With sustainable packaging—responsibly sourced carton, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and made with recyclable glass.


Farm Rx clean beauty at Avon

Will you be adding “clean” beauty products to your skincare routine? Are you already using any “clean beauty” products from Avon? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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Quick Fix For The Look Of Aging Skin

Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream is your answer to the look of aging skin. With this moisture booster, your skin will look softer, smoother and more supple with just one application, overnight. It’s non-greasy, non-oily, and suitable for all skin types too!

Of course, this cream isn’t a miracle worker but it will plump and moisturize your skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all, it’s super affordable!

It’s true. Avon is growing and evolving with lots and lots of terrific new products, but like Skin So Soft, tried-and-true Avon Solutions products have been around for a while… for a good reason. They work in a satisfying way.

Avon Solutions really are your mother’s Avon and mom sure does know her stuff!

Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream

Here’s the information about Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream from the Avon site:

Your solution to the look of aging is here. This anti-aging cream helps skin feel deeply replenished for visibly youthful, restored plumpness. Featuring a vitamin blend, sunflower extract and chia extract, the moisturizing formula works to visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a firmer, smoother, younger look. 1.7 fl. oz.

Benefits of using Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream
• Clinically shown to boost moisture in skin
• Provides 48 hours of hydration
• Suitable for all skin types (dry, normal, oily, combination)
• Lightweight
• Absorbs quickly
• Non-greasy/oily and non-sticky/tacky
• Free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil
• Makes skin look and feel incredibly soft, smooth and supple in one night
• Makes skin look and feel revitalized in one night
• Makes skin look and feel firmer in one night
• Softens the look and feel of fine lines and wrinkles in one night

How to use Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream
In the AM and PM, smooth the cream over face and throat using gentle, upward motions. Wear alone or under makeup.
Use the anti-aging cream after you cleanse, tone and treat your skin.

Rave Reviews for Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream

With a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating at my eStore, Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream is getting rave reviews from people saying things like: “Great product! I love this, and the price is right. Makes my skin so soft and glowing.” and “I wanted to try something different for my night-time regimen and this cream is doing a great job. It absorbs easily and quickly, has a slightly cooling effect on my face and smells very good.” READ MORE REVIEWS

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5 Step Winter Skin Care Routine

Moisturize. Treat. Protect.

In the winter, our skin can feel even more dry and seem dull. That’s why it’s so important to use products that will keep your skin hydrated and healthy during this cold-weather season using skin care products that will moisturize, treat and protect.

I don’t even live where it snows much, or at all really, but I still feel the drying effects of the winter air on my skin.

Winter skin care routine products from Avon

At the Avon Insider blog they’ve listed five terrific products that will help keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best even on the coldest driest winters day.

Visit: Winter Skin Care Routine to get all of the Avon Insider information now. Your skin will thank you for it!

Quick links to each of the products you’ll need for a high-performance 5 step winter skin routine?

  1. A HYDRATING CLEANSER = Belif Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser
  2. AN ANTI-AGING SERUM = Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Rejuvenating Serum Ampoules 
  3. A MOISTURIZER WITH SPF = Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25
  4. A 2-IN-1 EYE SYSTEM = Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System
  5. A NOURISHING LIP BALM = Moisture Therapy Calming Relief Lip Balm

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