Shop Avon Campaign 4 2021 Online Now

The new Avon brochure for campaign 4, 2021 is available online today and it features Valentine’s Day! The cover of the catalog is SO pretty! Take a look!

Avon Campaign 4 2021
Avon Campaign 4 2021

There’s also a brand new Avon Sale catalog for Campaign 4. This one features super savings on products you need to keep your face looking fabulous. Take a look!

Avon Face Time campaign 4, 21 sale catalog.
Avon On Sale – Campaign 4, ’21

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Don’t Miss the Current Avon Sale Flyer!

The Avon campaign 21 digital catalog aka brochure is available online today and there’s a new sale flyer out too!

You know I love the Avon flyers because that’s where you’ll find the best deals and this one is not disappointing at all!

You Are Radiant!

The title of this flyer is, You Are Radiant! Show off your glowing, gorgeous skin.

Here’s a couple of the pages in the makeup section for you to take a look at. You can see the great deals Avon has put together for you when you purchase these items in sets.

Avon Sale Flyer
Click to visit this page in the flyer.
Avon Sale Flyer
Click to visit this page in the flyer.

I’m really excited about the Complexion Perfection set and the Kiss & Wink set.

What I really love about these sets is that they make sense. You’re getting products that are grouped together in ways that you’ll actually need them and use them. Like… who couldn’t use a new black mascara? In my book, getting one with a new shade of lipstick at a sale price for the two is terrific!

There’s other great deals in different categories available too!

Click here to visit the Campaign 21 Flyer Now to see everything that’s on sale until 9/29/2020. Don’t miss out!

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Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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When Shopping Avon Online, Don’t Miss the Flyer

If you’re a long time Avon shopper, you already know how great their campaign sale brochures are. That’s where you’ll find what’s new and what’s on sale during any two week period of time. But have you been missing out on the Avon sales flyer?

The flyer is smaller than a regular campaign brochure but it’s always packed with HUGE deals and savings!

The flyer that’s in effect right now, well… for two more days, is focused on your body and your confidence, two very important things to have in order when stepping out into the world.

A page from an Avon digital catalog flyer
A bath and body sale page from the Every Body Rules Avon C19 Flyer.

Inside, you’ll find special savings on products grouped in sets such as, save on a 3-piece set of bubble bath, Skin So Soft, and facial masks, and on 2-piece sets of fragrance, and makeup. The current flyer and campaign brochure will expire on August 31st but don’t worry there will always be new digital catalogs to be shopped there. And they always have terrific sales inside.


A page from an Avon digital catalog flyer
A makeup sale page from the Every Body Rules C19 Avon Sales Flyer.

You’ll find the Flyer at my Avon store after clicking on the Digital Catalog.

At present, when you go to the Digital Catalog, you’ll find two choice there, the current Avon Campaign 19 sales brochure and the Every Body Rules sales flyer. Click to choose which virtual booklet you’d like to view, browse through it, click on your favorite products and order easily online!

When you’re done shopping, your order will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

How about you? Have you been browsing the bi-weekly Avon flyers when shopping Avon online? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I love hearing from my readers.

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Avon Semi Annual Sale – Christmas In July

It’s Christmas in July at Avon!

Whether you call it the Avon Semi Annual Sale, Christmas in July at Avon, or just the Good Buys Campaign 17 Avon Sales Brochure, you’ll have to agree that there’s a LOT of Holiday excitement building over at Avon right now!

Browse through the online sales catalog to find all kinds of great stuff at super reduced prices.

This online catalog is packed with all kinds of Christmas fun including decorations, ornaments, gifts for kids and grown ups, fall and winter clothing, jammies, slippers, watches and other gorgeous jewelry.

All of the campaign 17 catalogs will be available to shop from starting now, July 22, 2020 and run through August 4, 2020 but don’t hesitate to browse through this one because with mark downs this big, the items are sure to sell out quickly!



Here’s a few of the super cute indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations that are available in the Semi Annual Sale. Choose one or all of these sweet deal decorations, the light-up Dashing Puppy, the Candy Cane snow gauge and thermometer, the set of three Peppermint Lollipop path lights, or the glowing Gingerbread Man. Visit the online catalog to see the rest of the fun holiday decor items on sale right now!

Avon Christmas Decorations
I’m loving that Gingerbread man. Which is your favorite Avon, Christmas Decoration?

Some of the available on-sale jewelry is holiday related but much of it is not and all of it would make GREAT gifts for family and friends. I really LOVE this Layered Disc necklace. It’s such a chic and trendy look right now and at $7.99 reduced from $24.99, it’s a steal!

Avon’s Layered Disc Necklace

Oh my! I was all prepared to show you another gorgeous piece of jewelry when it sold out! Seriously! I’m going to post this to my blog immediately. You really need to go see everything on sale in the Avon Good Buys Catalog RIGHT NOW before it’s all gone!!! Remember it all goes away on August 4th 2020.


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