Cooking with Nonna – Sicilian Rice Balls Recipe Review

We’re getting over a crazy week here at my house and so today I decided that I needed a little extra self care. As an Avon Independent Sales Rep, self care is usually about pampering myself with lotions and potions and facial masks but when I need EXTRA self-care it means… comfort food. So, I turned to a cookbook I bought at Amazon a while ago, Cooking with Nonna, Celebrate Food & Family with over 100 Classic Recipes From Italian Grandmothers by Rossella Rago. My Grandma Margie used to make rice balls and I was too young to get the recipe from her before we lost her but I remember watching her make them and I really loved eating them. Honestly, Nonna’s Sicilian Rice Balls recipe is what made me decide to buy this cookbook in the first place and I’m so glad I did because not only are the rice balls delicious but there are lots of other great recipes in it too!

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Here’s a photo of my cookbook.

cooking with Nonna cookbook
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The rice balls are easy to make, once you get the hang of pressing the rice into balls, and they taste amazing!

Here’s a photo of the recipe in the cookbook.

rice balls from Cooking with Nonna

I followed the recipe exactly except that I don’t fry in my new home so I baked them in the oven with a little olive oil drizzled over them instead, and to me, they taste just as good as if they were fried.

I’ve made them before, several times, and my family loves them.

Here’s a photo of some of mine. I almost forgot to take the picture because we were too busy eating them. 🙂

rice balls
The lighting on this photo doesn’t do the rice balls any justice!

I think they have a little bit of magic in them too but I suppose it could have just been a coincidence that my sister who was named for my Grandma, called me today while I was in the middle of preparing them.

Could the magic just be in the grandmother’s love that pours out of the recipes in Cooking with Nonna? I don’t know but if you need some just-as-good-as-grandma-used-to-make rice balls, this cookbook won’t disappoint. And call your sister! Or brother. Or parents. Or whoever else makes you feel good because connecting with your-favorite-people is another great way to provide yourself with some much needed self care.

Thank you for visiting today!

If you decide to grab a copy of this cookbook, stop back and let me know what you think!

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