AVON Beauty Caddy – Makeup Organizer Review

Your makeup is easy to find and at your fingertips when you have an AVON Beauty caddy – organizer!

PLEASE NOTE: The pink caddy shown here is no longer available but Avon does have another beauty caddy that is the same except for its color. You can see the Holiday Glimmer Beauty Caddy HERE.

There’s nothing I hate more than digging around in my makeup case looking for a particular color Glimmerstick eyeliner or GlimmerShadow liquid eyeshadow. That’s why I was so excited when I found AVON’s Beauty Caddy. It has so many different places to put my cosmetics and yet everything is easy to see and easy to find.

The way it stands on it’s own, keeps everything in full view, and all of the different compartments and elasticized areas keep everything neat and tidy from one day to the next. If you can be in love with an inanimate object, I’d have to say this is one object that I can’t live without and truly do LOVE.

I keep it filled with my most used makeup and store it under the sink in my bathroom where it’s super easy to pull out each morning. I keep my makeup sorted by cosmetic type but I think it might work out just as well if I were to sort everything by color coordination.

You’ll Find Many Uses for Avon’s Makeup Caddy

I use one to hold my samples.

These makeup caddies are good for other things as well. Because I’m an AVON independent sales representative, I’ve got one that holds my AVON samples. It’s the perfect size and keeps them all neat and tidy and easy to find too!

Your makeup caddy can hold all of your hair clips, scrunchies, bobby pins, brushes, combs, and headbands.

You could use one for first aid-type items, such as peroxide, bandages, and first aid creams.

You could use one for keeping all of your face masks and sanitizer items neatly together.

One could be used in your car to keep all your items together there, as well. I think it would work really well in the car on a road trip for keeping snacks and little things handy.

The size of the caddy makes it so useful. I bet you can think of dozens more ways to use one.

Keep your beauty collection organized with this open-top organizer, perfect for storing makeup, tools, and brushes.

• Black with metallic gold stars
• Folds for easy storage
• Lattice-design elastic straps for Avon Pro brushes and tools on one side
• Three outside pockets on one side
• Two removable dividers inside organize all your Avon essentials
• 9 5/8″ L x 5 5/8″ W x 5 1/8″ H

• Polyester

Thanks for stopping by today! What are you going to use your AVON beauty caddy for? Tell me in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

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