Try a New Look in the New Year

Tired of your boring makeup regimen? Refresh your beauty routine with a whole new look from Avon!

Avon has been changing and growing and especially over the last year, Avon has been adding some really exciting products to their makeup line. Isn’t it time you took a look?

New Cosmetic at Avon

All of the items featured above are personal favorites of mine that I’ve tried over the last six months as a new Avon Independent Sales Representative. Their cushion makeup is to die for. I never thought I’d switch from a powdered blush but now, I’d never go back to it, and Avon’s Cashmere line is super luxurious. The matte lipstick is pictured here. I prefer the satin but which ever formula you like better, it feels amazing going on and lasts and lasts. I know it shouldn’t matter but the product containers are really nice too! Especially the satin lipstick one. If you want your makeup to feel as good as it looks, give both of those a try.

And Avon’s Love at 1st Lash mascara works a charm on making my lashes look long and full at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Waterproof is pictured above but I prefer the regular… just because of the easier cleanup. Both formulas work great though! I think their trick is in the sturdy brush which took me a minute to get used to but now I’m hooked.

Learn more about these, and other new cosmetics, at this article located at the Avon Insider blog: Get a New Look with These Top Beauty Resolutions.

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