Inexpensive Light Ring For Your Phone | Use It For Selfies, Makeup Application, and Food or Product Photos for your Blog

I know I’m not always first to know about certain things but now that I’m an Avon independent sales representative with a new blog, I’m quickly learning about all things pertaining to beauty.

To make a long story short; I was recently at a non-Avon webinar thing learning about Social Media practices that I can use for my Avon business and during the webinar they were giving away a couple of prizes. One of the prizes was a light ring for your phone. I didn’t win the light (I did win something else though. Yay me!) but I did go straight to Amazon afterwards and found that there are several really inexpensive and super affordable models of light rings for sale there.

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inexpensive Phone light ring
DAVID ROCCO Selfie Light Ring, 3.5 inch Rechargeable Clip on LED Ring Light Camera Ringlight with 40 LEDs for iPhone Android Smart Phone Photography, YouTube Video, Makeup (White)

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After studying them, I bought the DAVID ROCCO Selfie Light Ring. I liked it for the cost, although there are cheaper ones available. I chose it because it has 3 color lighting modes including cool white, mixed white light, and warm light. It’s made to meet all your needs such as make-up, selfie photos, Youtube video, dark scenery vlogging etc. At my age I thought it best to have options!

I also liked that it had gotten some great reviews.

Selfie Light Ring
This shows several ways you can use it.

As you can see in the photos, it clicks onto your phone, or laptop, or even a makeup compact. It’s USB rechargeable, so that’s easy. And it’s supposed to provide the appropriate lighting to create the best selfies and photos.

Now I can’t wait to get mine to try it out myself! I plan to test it out on selfies and I hope it helps me to see better when I’m applying my makeup, but I’m really more interested to see how well it works on taking product photos for my Avon review posts here at my Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice blog.

Anyway, that’s where my Avon journey took me today!

How about you? Do you have a light ring for your phone yet? Share your thoughts and maybe a review of your own about selfie lights. I love hearing from my readers.

Thanks for visiting. Have a beautiful day!

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