Avon Cucina Dish Soap in Garden Basil Review

To be honest, in my wildest dreams I never would have imagined falling in love with a dish soap but here I am about to confess my love for this amazing product. As a disclaimer, I should tell you that I am an independent Avon representative which is the reason I learned about this delicious scented dish soap in the first place. I should also tell you that I will never recommend a product that doesn’t deserve to be shared.

3 Reasons I Love Avon Cucina Dish Soap in Garden Basil

  1. The smell is beyond amazing! I love herbs and grow them every summer. Basil is always at the top of my list and sometimes I even plant several different varieties because I love the smell of it so much. I cook with it often too mostly using it in my tomato based sauces. This dish soap really has a natural savory basil scent. It doesn’t smell sweet or fake at all. It truly is a relaxing fragrance to work with.
  2. The bottle is beautiful! I love the way the bottle looks on my counter so much so that I don’t even try to hide it away after doing my dishes. I always leave it sitting proudly next to the sink in my kitchen. In all honesty, I love all the Cucina product containers. And after using (and loving) the Avon lemon scented kitchen hand soap, I was excited to try the dish soap too! I wasn’t disappointed.
  3. It works GREAT! Seriously, it wouldn’t matter what the bottle looked like or how wonderful it smells if it didn’t do its job of cutting grease and cleaning the pots and pans. I have a dishwasher for cleaning up the easy stuff like the dishes and silverware. I need my dish detergent to work well on the greasy roasting pans and cooked on bake ware and this one easily passed my test.
Happiness is when the cleanup smells as amazing as the dinner!


Description From the Avon Catalog

Kitchen formula that makes good scents. Naturally derived formula with stain-removing citric acid and microbubbles, complete with a unique and refreshing garden basil scent. 16.6 fl. oz.

• Grease cutter: effectively removes old grime and stains with “Citric acid Microbubble”
• Concentrated mild gel leaves surfaces spotlessly clean!
• Biodegradable for safe use: Safe for both the kitchen and the environment (eco-friendly)
• 100% plant-based surfactants
• Recyclable bottle

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No, it’s not really cat tested but my guys do approve of the scent!

What do you think? Have you tried Avon Cucina Dish Soap in Garden Basil yet? Do you love it? Do you love basil? Are you growing basil in your garden this year? Inquiring minds want to know. Share your thoughts in the comments section. I love hearing from my readers!

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