Browse AVON Campaign 1 Brochure Online Now

The newest AVON brochure (Campaign 1 2020) is available to browse starting online today, 12/8/2020.

There’s still time for Christmas shopping so don’t miss out! (See AVON’s Christmas shipping chart below.)

Are you done with your shopping already? I wish I was. Then, it’s time to treat yourself! Even those of us who are staying home will face time challenges, cooking, and cleaning on top of all the shopping. AVON has all kinds of wonderful ways to offer you a few moments of self-care and stress relief which is so important for you during the rush of the holiday season. There’s a great deal on a calming trio of AVON bubble bath that you should check out as well as some cozy scented candles that I find very relaxing.

AVON Brochure for Campaign 1, December 2020

AVON Brochure for Campaign 1, December 2020

AVON Christmas Shipping Chart

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’ll take some me time to enjoy the current catalog online!

Your online AVON lady, Robin

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When Shopping Avon Online, Don’t Miss the Flyer

If you’re a long time Avon shopper, you already know how great their campaign sale brochures are. That’s where you’ll find what’s new and what’s on sale during any two week period of time. But have you been missing out on the Avon sales flyer?

The flyer is smaller than a regular campaign brochure but it’s always packed with HUGE deals and savings!

The flyer that’s in effect right now, well… for two more days, is focused on your body and your confidence, two very important things to have in order when stepping out into the world.

A page from an Avon digital catalog flyer
A bath and body sale page from the Every Body Rules Avon C19 Flyer.

Inside, you’ll find special savings on products grouped in sets such as, save on a 3-piece set of bubble bath, Skin So Soft, and facial masks, and on 2-piece sets of fragrance, and makeup. The current flyer and campaign brochure will expire on August 31st but don’t worry there will always be new digital catalogs to be shopped there. And they always have terrific sales inside.


A page from an Avon digital catalog flyer
A makeup sale page from the Every Body Rules C19 Avon Sales Flyer.

You’ll find the Flyer at my Avon store after clicking on the Digital Catalog.

At present, when you go to the Digital Catalog, you’ll find two choice there, the current Avon Campaign 19 sales brochure and the Every Body Rules sales flyer. Click to choose which virtual booklet you’d like to view, browse through it, click on your favorite products and order easily online!

When you’re done shopping, your order will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

How about you? Have you been browsing the bi-weekly Avon flyers when shopping Avon online? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I love hearing from my readers.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Robin – Your Online Avon Lady

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