Yes, Avon Really is Launching a $1200.00 Perfume and It Is Worth It

Avon is causing quite a commotion with the upcoming launch of it’s Charmed perfume because of the cost which is a whopping $1200.00. Even with my generous Avon sales rep discount, that’s way too expensive for my wallet.

Charmed is probably the most luxurious item Avon has ever sold. The fragrance is encased in a beautiful peacock-shaped bottle that’s 18K gold-plated and embellished with Swarovski crystals. It’s an exquisite premium fragrance that is being made using three of the highest quality precious oils (orpur). It’s also a limited edition. In celebration of Avon’s 134 years in existence, the Avon company was started in 1886, there will only be 1886 bottles of it made.

Charmed twelve hundred dollar bottle of perfume.
Photo from Allure Article about Avon Charmed.

I absolutely love everything about Charmed. I got to sample the scent and it’s very nice… soft and powdery at first which leads to a floral musk. The name is perfection. The container is stunning and I’ve got a real thing for Peacocks. Years ago, one showed up in our yard. It stayed for a few days and we ended up being on the news because of it. Then, the clip was shown on Good Morning America making us Fame-ish for a short time. Afterwards, I wrote an article about it all and it turned out to be my first paid and published piece of writing.

But enough about me and my peacock.

Charmed will be released the end of October. If you’re someone who loves to collect beautiful limited edition perfume bottles, this is a MUST HAVE. It will surely be a showstopper no matter where you display him and it will definitely make you the envy of all your friends and family, not to mention all of the Avon representatives who are drooling over this gorgeous piece of Avon history.

Luxurious Charmed perfume would make the ultimate gift idea for a perfume or Avon lover too!

You can join the wait list for Charmed HERE:

Join the waiting list for Charmed by Avon.
Join the wait list for Charmed before it’s all gone!

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