Avon Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends Review

Calm & Energize – 2 Amazing Oil Blends To Use 4 Ways!

I received my Avon Aromatherapy essential oil blends in one of those great Beauty-Full bundle offers I told you about earlier and I’m in love!

They call the scented set “minding my mood” and it contains 2 different 4-in-1 essential oil blends. One is a blend of  lavender, spearmint, eucalyptus, and star anise. It’s designed to calm you. The other is a mixture of  mandarin, lemon, ginger, and ylang-ylang. That one is designed to energize you. I haven’t had mine long enough to swear to any of those types of effects but I can tell you that they both smell amazing. The fragrances are light and not over powering at all.

The Avon Minding My Mood Set of Essential Oils smells so nice!

So far, I’ve only used them, each, in one of the recommended ways and that was to apply some directly onto my skin. The scent lingers and as I said, I just love them both so much.

The other three recommended ways to use them are in a diffuser, in the bath, and mixed into a body lotion.

I know I’m a bit behind the times but this is really my first experience with using essential oils. I loved testing them out as wearable fragrance but I really can’t wait to try them in a diffuser!

More Reviews of the Avon Aromatherapy Minding My Mood 4-in-1 Essential Oil Blends

The Avon Aromatherapy Minding My Mood 4-in-1 Essential Oil Blends received rave reviews at my Avon eStore as well. The set has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating with reviewers leaving comments that say things like, “Awesome combination of essential oils. I get compliments all day about the light refreshing fragrance of my office.” and “I ran out of diffuser oils and my mom let me have her set, brand new. Both scents are delightful and I was very thankful, so I had to replace hers for her. They are very versatile in use, so a fantastic buy!”

Several people have mentioned that they get a restful nights sleep after using the calm one.

• Natural approach to self care
• Easy addition to your daily routine
• Hypoallergenic
• Dermatologist-tested

1. Apply directly to pulse points, such as wrists, neck, temples, base of skull and bottom of feet.
2. Add a few drops to a warm bath.
3. Mix a few drops into body lotion.
4. Add to a room diffuser (10-20 drops or to your liking).

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