Encouragement Bracelets

Sometimes a card just doesn’t seem like enough.

If you’re looking for a little something for someone who’s down in the dumps, or a little bit worried, or even just in need of a push, AVON’s new Encouragement Bracelets are the perfect thing!

Avon encouragement bracelets.
Which is your favorite Encouragement bracelet?

These brilliant bracelets have a brightly-colored band and words to encourage whoever wears them.

Choose from Believe with a yellow strap, Dream Big with a green strap, Be Brave with a red strap, and You’ve Got This with a blue strap. I’m sure you can think of the exact person (or people) who would appreciate the reassurance that each and every one of these has to offer. Or buy several now… just to have on hand for gifting when someone really needs a little bit of encouragement, confidence, motivation, or optimism from you.

These adjustable gender-neutral bracelets can be worn by men or women and they’ll surely make your special someone smile and think of you every time they wear it

Avon Encouragement bracelets
Get one of each and wear them all together!

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Thankful Stretch Bracelet

Promote positivity with a beautiful bracelet that says, Thankful.

It’s been a crazy year and a lot of bad things have happened but through it all, there’s always, always, something to be thankful for.

Some days you might simply be thankful for a hot cup of coffee in the morning, or a short chat with a neighbor. Other days it might be something more exciting like a live chat with your grandkids or a visit with your mother.

Dinner out, whether it’s being served to you inside or outside, for the first time in months… an A on your child’s report card, or maybe even a pound lost from the “Quarantine Fifteen” we all seemed to gain are all things to be thankful for.

Celebrate the good things that are happening to you instead of the bad and wear this Thankful Stretch Bracelet from Avon as a constant reminder to be thankful and grateful for all of what’s good in your life right now.

Thankful Stretch Bracelet

Learn More and Order

This beautiful stretchable bracelet provides positive affirmation throughout the day… for you AND for anyone else who sees it.

• Glass beads
• Cursive letters
• Stretch bracelet
• Adjustable
• Rose goldtone plating

This gorgeous bracelet is stretchable and made to fit almost all adults so it makes a terrific Christmas gift or Stocking Stuffer too! It’s on sale now for just $9.99… regular price $16.99.

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