Hats with Shields for Kids and Adults

Although not as protective as a cloth or disposable mask, there’s a time and a place where a protective shield is appropriate and can be more comfortable to wear.

For those times, Avon introduces an adult-sized unisex baseball hat that has a removeable face shield and a couple of cute bucket style hats with face shields for children.

If you’re looking for additional protection, why not wear both a mask and a shield?

PLEASE NOTE: *Not for medical use. CDC recommends that you wear a cloth or disposable mask covering your nose and mouth to protect others should you be infected. Unlike medical masks, these are not designed to protect you from infection.

Unisex Baseball Cap with Removable Shield

Shield yourself from dirt and other pesky particles.*

This protective hat is designed to be unisex. It’s a baseball cap with a connected shield that easily detaches so you can also wear the hat alone. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It’s adjustable to fit most adult-sized heads.

• Adjustable baseball cap with removable shield

• Cotton (hat)
• Polyurethane (shield)

Kids Protective Face Shield Hats

At the time of this post, the kids hats are on sale, buy one, get one free!

Protect your little one from dirt and other pesky particles.*

These cute bucket hats have a connected face shield, this protective kid-friendly hat can be worn indoors and out. It’s available in two sizes, 3T: 19.75” and 4T/5T :20.75” with a Shield size of 7” X 17.75” on both. Choose from two adorable characters, a brown bear and a ladybug.

• Protective face shield and hat for kids
• Character-themed design
• Velcro connector for shield

• Cotton (hat)
• Polyurethane (shield)

Hat: Hand wash, line dry.

*To avoid scratching on shield, use a soft soapy towel to hand wash. Do not use abrasive surface to wash the shield.

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