Buy Avon at Bargain Prices

Did you know that every once in a while, Avon sells off some of its products at bargain prices? Now you know! Avon's Good-Buys catalog brochure contains all kinds of terrific items from all of its many categories including skincare, makeup, jewelry, fashion, and fragrances at greatly reduced prices. Like outlet shopping, you have to … Continue reading Buy Avon at Bargain Prices

Have You Seen The Avon SALE Catalogs?

Did you know that in addition to the regular Avon Campaign brochures that appear every two weeks there are other bi-weekly and/or monthly catalogs for your viewing pleasure as well? And did you also know that these catalogs host some super sale prices? Well, there is and they do! The Avon Sale catalog is called … Continue reading Have You Seen The Avon SALE Catalogs?