What is Avon Live Shopping?

Have you heard about Avon’s new live shopping events? Curious to know what it’s all about? Would you like to participate?

Avon Live Shopping
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If you’ve ever turned on your TV to see people demonstrating products and telling you to “act fast” because the offers “won’t last”, then you’ve experienced “live shopping.” While live shopping is nothing new, it’s only recently grown into a more interactive experience that exists on the internet and social media, not solely on the television.

Avon Live, the live shopping experience at Avon allows customers to tune into our live shopping events on Live.avon.com at a specific day and time to purchase the featured products and take advantage of exclusive offers for one day only. Each Avon Live experience offers a specific assortment of Avon products, allowing the host time to explain each one in detail and interacting with attendees via chat.

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The next Avon live Summer Event is happening on MAY 25 @ 8-8:30 PM ET

Up to $525 in customer giveaways and two online exclusive offers you can only get during the event — up to $102 value! Register now to join us!

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Learn from Avon product expert, Ashley McGowan, everything you need to know about Skin So Soft Bug Guard, Anew, Hydra Fusion with SPF and even some new products for pet lovers. Available in English at 8 PM ET and in Spanish at 9 PM ET.

AVON Live summer event


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