Avon Bubble Bath Review

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t love Avon bubble bath once they’ve tried it. I remember growing up with the stuff and having so much fun with all of the bubbles created by the pink liquidy soap.

And now, just in time for Christmas gift-giving, it’s here and it’s on sale!

Avon Senses Bubble Bath

AVON bubble bath
Gorgeous scents and pretty bottles!

There’s a special scent for everyone! Choose from the ones shown here which include:

  • Lavender GardenSoak yourself in bliss and soothe your senses with the fresh aromas of lavender and chamomile.
  • Cherry BlossomYou’ll feel flirty and feminine after pampering yourself with the alluring fragrance of cherry blossoms accented by jasmine and sweet red fruit. 
  • VanillaRelax with the aroma of natural Madagascar vanilla with notes of musk and  balsamwood.
  • Cucumber MelonLet yourself relax in refreshing bubbles scented with crisp cucumber and sweet melon.

Or visit: Avon Bubble Bath to see all of the bubble bath fragrances available right now!

• Relaxing bubble bath calms mind and body with fresh scents and long-lasting bubbles
• Up to 24 bubbly baths per bottle
• Dermatologist tested


Avon bubble bath is a timeless classic because it’s really great stuff. My mom bought it for me and my sister when we were kids and I have great memories from that. I still love it today because it never leaves my skin feeling dry or flaky and the scents I’ve tried are all amazing.

Bathing is a great way to grab a little “me time” in the evening and it helps me relax.

I really love the Lavender Garden and I’m glad that there’s also one for Sensitive Skin.

You don’t have to take my word for the quality of Avon’s Bubble Bath either, if you visit the bubble bath search page at my Avon eStore you’ll find that ALL of the scents of Avon Senses bubble bath have approximately 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings with comments that say things like; “I am very pleased with this product. The fragrance is refreshing and it leaves my skin feeling and smelling great. The price was reasonable as well.”

bath prep
Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com


Pour 1-2 capfuls into running water, tightening after use.


Share some good clean fun and happy memories by gifting everyone on your list this year with a bottle of Avon bubble bath! It’s such a great gift to give to someone like a teacher, your hair stylist, a secret Santa gift, a little something for a friend or neighbor or even a gift from the kids to Grandma. It makes a terrific stocking stuffer too!

Share your memories of AVON bubble bath in the comments!

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Okay, I know that as a new Avon Independent Sales Representative I’ve been going a little bit Avon crazy lately but hello…. I had no idea that Mattel made Avon Exclusive Barbie dolls.

And they are gorgeous!!!!!

I’ll admit it. When I was a girl Barbie was my favorite thing to play with and I’ll even admit to having a few collectible Barbies in my house right now. After learning about the Avon Barbies, I’ll probably have a few more in the house soon.

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I came across them while creating my new Avon in History and Pop Culture Pinterest board yesterday which I started after learning that the Avon lady’s house from the movie, Edward Scissorhands, was for sale. I know. I’m not sure I’d like to live there but I’d sure like to visit! I immediately went to Amazon and did a search.

The ones I found at Amazon are not current but they are new in the package and they are truly wonderful.

Many of these dolls are still very affordable. These Barbie’s are considered collectible but by normal standards I don’t think they have all appreciated as much as some other Barbies do, or at least they don’t seem to have appreciated as much as my Witches of Wizard of Oz Barbie’s have. But for anyone who is or was an Avon Lady, I think the less expensive ones are the perfect collectible! And if you’re a hard core collector, go peek at some of the Bob Mackie Avon dolls.

The Barbie dolls, like Avon, represent women from every walk of life. You’ll find Avon representative dolls, replicas of the first Avon Representative Mrs. Albee, beautiful models, ballerinas, and many other stunning Barbie dolls.

Avon Gift Idea

I think they’d make a awesome Christmas gift or Birthday present for someone who loves Avon. Or for the child of an Avon representative.

What do you think? Are you an Avon Barbie doll collector? Do you collect other types of Barbie dolls? Were you a fan of Barbie when you were a child? Tell me all about it in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

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Honey Blossom Eau De Parfum Spray by Avon Review

Avon Flourish Honey Blossom fragrance is beautiful inside and out! It smells wonderful and the bottle is gorgeous. I mean, look at it. Even the box is pretty.

Photo by bdkz

A Note from the Perfumer

“A long as I can remember, the smell of spring has always brought me the feeling of joy, anticipation and the sense of new beginnings. To express these feelings, I created a fragrance that gives the sensation of the first rays of sun in early spring touching your skin. I wanted this single scent to capture the essence of pure happiness and comfort.”

Gabriela Chelariu, World-Renowned Perfumer

With its fresh, sweet fragrance, Avon’s Honey Blossom truly has a spring-like quality making it perfect to wear every day. I think it would appeal to women of any age. Or maybe that’s just because I like it so much!

Here’s what it says about this gorgeous scent at my Avon eStore:

Avon Flourish Honey Blossom Eau de Parfum is a bright floral that lets you shine. Sparkling apple blossom opens to a full heart of sweet honeysuckle nectar and finishes with the soft notes of airy vanilla orchid. 1.7 fl. oz.

Top: Sparkling apple blossom
Middle: Sweet honeysuckle nectar
Base: Airy vanilla orchid

I love vanilla scents so I think it’s the addition of that little bit of vanilla that does it for me. It tones down and evens out the sweetness a bit.

Great Gift Idea!

The look and smell of Avon’s Honey Blossom eau de parfum spray makes it a highly giftable option too! I can’t think of any woman I know who wouldn’t appreciate receiving a bottle of this wonderful scent.

It would make a delightful, and very pretty, addition to her vanity, or bedroom dresser too!

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Avon What’s Your Superpower Mug

Hot off the presses! I just created this adorable Avon mug at my Zazzle shop. It says, I sell Avon. What’s Your Superpower? It has a sweet little illustration of a heart drawn with lipstick in a lipstick tube and a larger heart with your name in it on the other side!

It makes for easy advertisement for your Avon business wherever you use it. Bring it to the office, or carry it filled with a cuppa on your walk around the block.

Buy the Avon Superpowers Mug Now

Style: Classic Mug

Give a made-to-order mug from Zazzle to someone special, or treat yourself to a design that brings you joy or makes you laugh. Create your own photo mug, shop our collection of the funniest joke mugs, personalize your mug with a monogram, or express yourself with one of Zazzle’s 10 million designs.

  • Available in 11-ounce or 15-ounce
  • Dimensions:
    • 11-ounce: 3.8” h x 3.2” diameter
    • 15-ounce: 4.5” high x 3.4” diameter
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Strong, ceramic construction
  • Meets FDA requirements for food and beverage safety
  • Printed on demand in Reno, NV

Shown above on a Classic Style Mug but you can customize this design onto another style of mug.

Your choice will determine the cost. CHECK PRICE

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