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Avon Campaign 23 has arrived and with it comes CHRISTMAS!

The beginning of Christmas, anyway.

As an Avon independent sales representative I happen to know that there’s more coming in the weeks ahead but don’t let that stop you from shopping now. If you see something you like, I suggest you grab it because Avon ‘s Christmas 2020 items are limited editions and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Avon brochure campaign 23 2020
Avon Online Brochure – Campaign 23

Don’t let the cover of campaign 23 fool you, there’s plenty of Christmas items to see inside.

Introducing the Fragrance Artistry of Avon’s Lyrd Artisan

The items being shown on the front are pretty awesome too! Those are the new gender neutral Lyrd Artisan fragrances. I have to admit that I haven’t smelled the LYRD Artisan Santal Musk Eau de Parfum yet. That’s the one in the green bottle. I have had the pleasure of smelling the one in the red bottle… the LYRD Artisan Cherry Vetiver Eau de Parfum and it’s amazing. In fact, it’s the only fragrance I’ve been wearing lately.

You can shop campaign 23 online from now through October 27, 2020. There’s so much to see. Go grab a cuppa’ and enjoy!

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