Avon Holiday Candles 2020

There's nothing more relaxing on a fall, or winter, evening than to light a beautiful scented candle. This year Avon brings you 5 luxurious candles to add spark to your holidays and a golden glow to your holiday decor. Not only are these gorgeous candles glamorous to look at, their scents are amazing too! Avon … Continue reading Avon Holiday Candles 2020

Cabana Candle by Avon Perfect for a Summer Night

Updated 9/16/2020 Original post follows: Wreath Candle by Avon for Holiday 2020 Unfortunately the Cabana candle is no longer available. However, there are new candles from Avon that were created to light a spark and add gorgeous scents to your holidays. You'll find them by visiting: Candles by Avon The candles available for Fall and … Continue reading Cabana Candle by Avon Perfect for a Summer Night