My First Avon Paycheck and Why It Means so Much

I’ve been so obsessed with getting my new blog set up, and trying to make it look just right, that I almost lost sight of the end goal… the earnings. This morning, I was really excited to find my first Avon paycheck delivered right into my bank account.

As expected, it’s small, but it tells me I’m doing something right and I’m on my way to bigger and better. But, more importantly it made me smile and with all of the craziness and sadness going on in the world right now, that’s a very big thing. I’d like to take a moment here to say thank you to my first customers, you know who you are, and to thank each and everyone who has been helping me whether it’s by following my blog, visiting my online Avon store, even just to take a peek, joining my Facebook page, liking my Avon pins on Pinterest, following my tweets on Twitter, or simply by giving me a few encouraging words, or even a virtual pat on the back. You’re all the BEST and I’m grateful to have you in my life!

My First Avon Paycheck
Image from Pixabay

More than for the money, the main reason I decided to start this Avon journey was to get something new to wrap my head around. Prior to this, I was spending way too much time watching the news and fretting over everything that I have no control over. Yes, it’s important to stay informed. And yes, it’s scary but now that I’ve started doing this Avon work from home gig, I’m not dwelling on all the bad stuff anymore. I’m not even as bothered about recently turning thirty twice. I now find myself excited to get started each day. I’m excited to connect with new people. And I’m excited to be learning new things.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, why not think about becoming an Avon representative yourself? I’d be happy to help you learn more and get started on your own Avon journey. After you join, I’ll even hook you up with some great people who are helping me learn how to make this business a success.

Visit BECOME AN AVON REPRESENTATIVE now to learn more or to join.

If Avon isn’t your thing, I know it’s not for everyone, I strongly suggest you find something else you’d like to do as a side job because smiling does wonders for your self esteem. And it won’t hurt your bank account either!

Tell me what you’ve been doing to make yourself smile each day.

Prior to this I was mostly watching FRIENDS, when I needed a little boost to my spirit. I love that show. What have you been doing to keep your spirits up during this crazy period of time? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I love hearing from my readers.

Thanks for visiting today!

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