Promote Using Avon Tote Bags

One of the easiest ways to promote your Avon business is by carrying a tote bag that tells people you sell Avon. You literally don’t have to say a word. Anyone interested will approach you making it easy for you to start a conversation with them about your independent Avon sales business.

Be sure the bag is always stocked with brochures, business cards and/or samples because if you start carrying one of these cute carry-alls, you’re bound to get a lot of requests.

It’s so much easier to market to someone who is already interested in buying Avon.

All of the bags shown here come from, a world leader in personalized products and paper goods. I’m affiliated with Zazzle and I will earn a small royalty if you make a purchase after clicking a link on this page. My royalty will NOT effect your purchase price at all.

Let’s Talk Avon Tote Bag

I love this one. In fact, it’s my favorite. I think the image of the cosmetics is adorable and the saying, says it all!

Let’s Talk Avon!

Shown here as a Budget tote but you can customize it for style and/or handle color.

Your style choice will effect the pricing.


Who’s Your Avon Lady?

This cute bag asks everyone who sees it, Who’s your Avon lady?

They will either tell you, or they will say, I don’t have one which opens up the door for you to step in by offering them a sample, a business card or a brochure.

This one is shown on a larger bag called ironically a tiny tote.


Love Avon Ask Me for a Brochure

The Love Avon Ask Me For A Brochure bag is shown here on a large tote, with red handles to make it stand out, giving you lots of room for all of your Avon supplies as well as anything else you might need to carry around with you all day.

It can be customized on to a smaller bag or a different style if you like.


There are a lot more fun Avon themed designs to see as well as other styles of tote bags.

Click here to visit Avon Totes at Zazzle now to see them all!