Robin S Avon Rep | All of my Online Links

Shop my Avon eStore

Did you know that you actually save money by shopping for Avon through an Avon Rep’s eStore? Well, you do. And depending on the sales that are running, your savings can be big!!! The entire transaction including payment and customer service is handled by Avon and delivered to your home or office. Your Avon Rep (Me) is available to help by answering your questions. VISIT MY ONLINE AVON STORE

Robin S Avon Rep Facebook Page

My Facebook page is where I keep my customers up-to-date on everything Avon. VISIT MY AVON FACEBOOK PAGE

Robin S Avon Rep Instagram

At Instagram, I share photos of Avon products at use in my home as well as other things I like including my silly cats. VISIT ME AT INSTAGRAM

Robin – Online Avon Lady on Pinterest

At Pinterest, you’ll find lots of Avon products, makeup ideas, skin care routines, and boards dedicated to fragrances, Avon’s men’s products, and beauty tips, as well as vintage Avon ads, business building ideas for other work at home Avon representatives, and a collection of beautiful faces by Avon. VISIT ME AT PINTEREST

Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice Blog

Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice is my blog where I share introductions to new Avon products as well as Avon product reviews and just about everything else Avon including tips, business ideas and even gift ideas for my fellow Avon Reps. YOU ARE HERE: CLICK TO VISIT THE HOME PAGE

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