Jewelry that Shimmers and Shines

Sparkle and shine with the beauty of iridescent jewelry. So much pretty! Avon has put together a collection of jewelry that they're calling, All That Shimmers, and it truly does shine! These amazing pieces are so beautiful. You really need to take a look. With everyone heading back out to work, back to restaurants and … Continue reading Jewelry that Shimmers and Shines

Inspirational Pull Cord Bracelet

Beautiful bracelets that inspire as well as look great! GRAB ONE I love these Inspirational Pull Cord Bracelets because they're cute little reminders... motivators... that you wear on your wrist. Having a small wrist, I also love that they're adjustable. Choose from Believe, Breathe, and Love. You can wear them alone or all together at … Continue reading Inspirational Pull Cord Bracelet

Encouragement Bracelets

Sometimes a card just doesn't seem like enough. If you're looking for a little something for someone who's down in the dumps, or a little bit worried, or even just in need of a push, AVON's new Encouragement Bracelets are the perfect thing! Which is your favorite Encouragement bracelet? These brilliant bracelets have a brightly-colored … Continue reading Encouragement Bracelets

Thankful Stretch Bracelet

Promote positivity with a beautiful bracelet that says, Thankful. It's been a crazy year and a lot of bad things have happened but through it all, there's always, always, something to be thankful for. Some days you might simply be thankful for a hot cup of coffee in the morning, or a short chat with … Continue reading Thankful Stretch Bracelet