3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks Using Avon or Whatever Makeup You Have at Home

The Avon blog recently shared their favorite Halloween makeup looks and every one of them was something you can easily DIY at home. These are looks that can add to your costume’s appeal or actually BECOME your costume. Read on to see how easy it really is to have vampire lips and fun bat wing eyes and also see a super cute way to create a cat look on anyone.

3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks


Easy vampire lips makeup
Easily become an everyday vampire! Photo by Avon.

For easy vampire lips all you need is a tube of really red lipstick. It doesn’t even have to be done neatly to become an everyday vampire. Wear whatever you like, people will surely “get it” or add a cape and fake sharp teeth to complete the more familiar vampire look. Read more about this and learn which Avon lipstick works best to achieve this look HERE.


Easy bat wing eyeliner makeup
Wear this look alone or add it to a batty costume! Photo by Avon.

You might need a bit of practice and a skilled hand but this bat wing eyeliner look is definitely worth the effort and easy enough after a couple tries. To achieve this one you’ll simply need a fine tipped black eyeliner. Avon True Color SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen in Black will do the trick nicely. Visit HERE to learn more about how to create this look at home.


Easy cat face makeup
A precise black liner is all you need for this catty look! Photo by Avon.

For this easy cat face makeup look, once again Avon’s True Color SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen in Black, or any other fine tipped black eyeliner. As you can see by the photo above, it’s easy to create a cute cat-like look. Add cat clothing or just go out wearing your normal clothes, black would be best, to become a feline for Halloween. Find more tips to complete this look HERE.

I hope you found these easy Halloween makeup looks helpful. Enjoy your Halloween!

Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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DIY 1920s Flapper Makeup and Costume Guide

Glamour Girl Costumes for Halloween and More!

This DIY 1920s Flapper Makeup and Costume Guide is second in our Glamour Girl Costumes for Halloween and more! series.

Halloween is the perfect time to get your glam on but you can also use this DIY Flapper girl dress up guide for other occasions such as a 1920’s theme wedding, birthday, or maybe even a New Year’s Eve party. (Wouldn’t it be nice to do over the one from last year?) I hope you find the following dress up and makeup information helpful and have a joyous event while wearing it.

How To Do 1920s Flapper Makeup

Thin brows, dark dusky eyelids and bright red cupid’s bow-shaped lips is all you need to pull off the look of a glamorous 1920s Flapper girl. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pluck or have surgery to accomplish this.

A little concealer applied in the right places goes a long way towards altering the look of your brows and lips. Use concealer on you lips and eyebrows first. Blend it in. Then draw on your new thinner brows and bow-shaped lips.

Avon has everything you need to easily pull off the 1920’s Makeup look:

You can find easy to follow instructions by visiting this amazing makeup tutorial that I found at Cosmopolitan: This Flapper-Inspired Makeup Tutorial Is Exactly What Your Halloween Costume Needs

Flapper Girl Lips

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How to Get 1920s Flapper Style Hair

Flappers in the Twenties were famous for their pin straight Bobbed haircuts or their perfectly shaped Finger Waves. If you aren’t willing to spend the time doing Finger Waves, and you don’t want to cut your hair into a bob, you can easily get the look of 1920’s Flapper hair using a wig. Amazon has several different styles in several colors and in every price range to bring your coif back to the Roaring Twenties.

Here’s a couple wigs to give you an idea of what’s available:


1920s Flapper Style Headband

Honestly, probably more important than the hair style is the headband worn by the most glamorous 1920s Flapper Girls. And again, Amazon to the rescue!

They have tons of different styles to choose from such as this feather and Rhinestone one shown here!

How to Dress Like a 1920s Flapper

While searching for the perfect Gatsby-esque dress for a sexy 20’s Flapper, I came across these stunning outfit sets at Amazon. How exciting! You get a gorgeous dress along with all of the necessary accessories that go with it… including the jewelry and some even come with the stockings! How cool is that? Click on your favorite to learn more, or to purchase it at Amazon.


With all of that collected all you need now is the shoes! I found some super cute and affordable 1920’s style shoes at Amazon too! The style worn back then was a Mary Jane with a short heel. I’d guess this made them more comfortable for dancing the Charleston.

I don’t know about you but I love the style so much, I’d wear these even without the costume dress.


I hope you found my DIY 1920s Flapper Makeup and Costume Guide helpful! Are you planning to dress up as a Flapper Girl for Halloween or some other special occasion? Let ‘s talk! Share your thoughts in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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DIY Marilyn Monroe Makeup and Dress Up Costume Guide

Glamour Girl Costumes for Halloween and More!

Are you looking for ideas to help you make your own DIY Marilyn Monroe costume? Whether you’re planning to dress up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, a costume party, a Hollywood-inspired dance, a retro festival, or for any other reason, I’ve got some great makeup and dress up ideas to help you look like the glamorous Norma Jean in no time.

I LOVE Halloween and as a child, my mom spoiled me by making my costumes by hand so I really hate those run of the mill costumes you find at those generic Halloween stores that pop up once a year. I’d much prefer to spend a couple of extra dollars to create my own homemade costume that will wow anyone who sees it. It’s for people like us that I’ve created this DIY Marilyn Monroe Makeup and Dress Up Ideas Guide.

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Marilyn Monroe Makeup Ideas

If you’re dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, THE most important part of the look is her hair and makeup. Here’s some of the things you’ll need.

The hair can easily be replicated with a wig purchased at Amazon. They have them in all price ranges. To avoid disappointment, I’d personally stick with the ones that have a 4+ stars rating.

As an Avon Independent Sales Representative I couldn’t help but look to Avon for the best choices for Marilyn’s makeup. And just knowing that Avon was around back then makes it even more fun. Yes, she was famously a Chanel and Max Factor girl but who’s to say she never wore Avon?

To keep things cost effective for your costume, I’ve chosen products from the more affordable classic Avon line instead of their new higher end Korean beauty products but feel free to improvise if you like.

To do Marilyn Monroe eyes, you’ll need a good black eyeliner to recreate her winged liner look. You can also use the eyeliner to give yourself a Marilyn-esque beauty mark on your cheek. I’d recommend the Avon True Color SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen in Black, A liquid liner pen for mess-free coverage. Provide a precise and easy application and wears for 12 hours.

For Marilyn’s voluptuous lips, I suggest a true red lipstick such as, Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick in Candy Red.

She usually wore a light brown eye shadow with a light highlighter on the brow bone such as you’ll find in Avon’s True Color Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Quad in Mocha Latte.

Marilyn was known to cut her false eyelashes in half, using each of the halves on the outer edge of her upper lid which gave her that dreamy sleepy bedroom-eyes look that made her so irresistible. These can easily be found in any drugstore or at Amazon. If you’re not willing to go that far, use a good mascara such as Avon’s True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara and then curl your lashes with a lash curler to get a similar effect.

Don’t forget an eyebrow pencil for a completely finished glamour girl look. Check out the Avon True Color Glimmersticks Brow Definer for an affordable option.

While investigating the best Marilyn Monroe makeup looks I came across an excellent makeup tutorial that I highly recommend to you. The details and photos are amazing. It even includes contouring to recreate Marilyn’s facial features. It’s sure to help you put together the classic Marilyn makeup style that you’re dreaming of. You’ll find it by visiting: Marilyn Monroe Makeup How-To Step By Step Tutorial

Now that you’ve got everything you need for Marilyn’s makeup and hair, you get to choose which Marilyn dress up style you want to wear. She’s got so many memorable looks! Probably the white dress from, The Seven Year Itch, is the most recognizable but there’s also, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, to consider as well as many others.

Marilyn Monroe Dress Up Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a particular dress from a Marilyn Monroe movie, or just something from the mid-century time period, Amazon has many affordable dress options. Here’s a few to get you started.

Visit Marilyn Monroe Dress Ideas at Amazon to see more.

You can accessorize with pearls or a faux mink stole if you like but you’ll definitely want some kittenish high heel sandals to complete your Marilyn Monroe glamour girl look.

Shop for Marilyn Monroe High Heels at Amazon.

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

Marilyn Monroe

I hope you found my Marilyn Monroe Makeup and Dress Up Ideas Guide helpful! Are you planning a Marilyn Monroe costume for Halloween or some other special event? Let ‘s talk! Share your thoughts in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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