Avon Marketing Ideas

As a new Independent Avon sales representative, I’m learning all sorts of things that might be helpful to other new Avon reps. I share many of those things at my blog Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice. As I write about all my new Avon marketing ideas, to make it more convenient for you to find them all, I’ll be sharing links to them on this page. I hope you find them useful!

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Avon Lady Ask Me For A Free Sample Tote Bag | Marketing Idea for Avon Representatives

I came up with a fun idea that incorporates Avon’s free samples with my online only business plan. Read all about it HERE.

Business Cards for Serious Avon Representatives

Carrying your Avon business cards makes it easy to share your online eStore information as well as the web addresses of all your social media accounts. Find a few of my favorites as well as information to include on your own Avon business cards HERE.

Avon Digital Catalog Cover Images

I’m adding images of the current online Avon digital catalog covers for you to easily copy and use in your social media and blog posts HERE.

Makeup Posters for Vloggers

If you’re an Avon, or beauty vlogger on YouTube, a makeup poster would look super cute in the background. You can see my top 3 makeup poster picks HERE.

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