Thanks Giving – My Gratitude for Chewy

Today I’m SO grateful for

My cats are on a special diet. That means I can’t just run down to the grocery store to purchase their cat food.

I’m also not the most organized person in the world.

These two statements, when added together, can prove to be disastrous for my boys except that Chewy has such quick turnaround times between ordering and delivery.

my cats
My boys, Sonnie and TJ.

Today when I went to feed my cats I noticed that there were only 3 cans left. (Obviously, I thought I had several more.) Anyway, I ordered more food from Chewy at around 6 am and at 9:24 am I received an email stating that my package had been shipped and that I could expect it sometime tomorrow! (I know. Shipping virtually sucks right now but still…)

Thank you Chewy! I truly appreciate you being such a terrific friend to my two furbabies. (And also for being way more organized than I am!)

Why am I posting this on an Avon beauty blog? That’s easy. I think gratitude is beautiful! Don’t you? And I do plan to post a lot more about gratitude in the future!

I was not paid or compensated in any way for posting this. (Unless you count the great service which they give to everyone!) I just wanted to share my appreciation for a wonderful company!

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