Pave Cross Watch by Avon

If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift for one of your Christian friends or for a family member, take a look at this beautiful

Pave Cross watch by Avon.

In all honesty, I don’t own this one yet but I do own other Avon watches and I can tell you that the quality is amazing. This one has a nice large face making it easy to read. The cross on the watch is beautifully displayed in the prominent “12” spot.


Pave Cross watch by Avon
All of the other jewelry that the model is wearing is from Avon too!

Here’s what Avon has to say about the Pave Cross watch:

Stay golden with this classic, yet elegant watch, featuring a gold leatherlike strap, goldtone markers, complete with a glittery cross detail on the dial.

Pave Cross Watch Details

• 9” L leatherlike strap
• 32mm diam. case
• Buckle closure
• Splash-proof

I think you’ll agree that this watch would make an excellent Christmas gift for a lovely lady!

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