The Avon That Was On Let’s Make A Deal

If you were lucky enough to catch it, you saw Avon featured as a prize on Let’s Make A Deal today. The products were two of Avon’s most premium items, Mission Luxereve skin care and the iconic Peacock filled with Charmed Eau de Parfum.

You might have been wondering; what’s so special about those Avon products?

Well, as an independent Avon representative, I’m here to tell you that they are truly amazing!

I won’t go into my entire review about the Avon Mission Luxreve skin care line. You can read that in my blog post, Mission Luxereve Serum and Cream Review – A Detailed Review to Help You Discover One of the Secrets of Japanese Beauty. I will tell you that I absolutely love this stuff! Warning: It contains premium ingredients and the price reflects that. CHECK PRICES

Mission Luxereve
This is the Limited Edition Mission Luxereve Travel Gift Set. In addition to traveling well, this set makes for a terrific (and cost effective) way to try this luxurious line of Japanese skin care.

Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum Spray

Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum Spray
The collectible peacock container is made with 18K gold finish with 21 Swarovski® crystals and filled with a premium fragrance made with the most precious oils.

Charmed has notes of Crisp Neroli, lily of the valley, jasmine absolute and warm musk. It’s a member of Avon’s Warm & Dreamy fragrance category that houses all of their warm floral scents with flowing, silky and romantic notes.

You might want to check the price on this one before you fall in love with it. But remember, you get what you pay for! CHECK PRICE

I’m Robin and I’d love to be your online Avon Independent Sales Representative! Did you know you can shop Avon online with me from anywhere in the USA and have your products delivered right to your front door? You’ll save money when shopping with me too!

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