How Long Can I Keep Eye Cream After Opening It?

Some cosmetics last longer than others and it’s good to know approximately how long you can keep them on the shelf before tossing them.

After opening it, most eye cream can be safely kept (tightly capped) for up to one year. If your eye cream is “preservative-free” this time might be shorter. Always read the package to determine if the eye cream has its own expiration date but if used correctly a year is the general amount of time to keep an open container of eye cream. After that, toss it!

Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay

Eye cream is usually packaged in a jar container and applied by hand. It’s very important to make sure your hands are clean before each use. Unwashed hands can contaminate the product with germs which could cause irritation and possibly even eye infections. You can use a mini spatula for safer application but be sure to clean that prior to each use as well.

Taking care to keep your eye cream free of germs will keep the product sanitary and will help keep its efficacy at a maximum.

You can learn more about how long to keep cosmetics by visiting my Avon site and reading this article: Keep or Toss? Here’s When to Toss Your Skin Care

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How long do you keep your eye cream after opening it? Do you agree with the one year time-frame? And while we’re at it, which is your favorite Avon eye cream? Lately I’ve been using the Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Serum. I love the cooling sensation I get when I apply it. I use it in the morning and at night I like to use the Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System. Share your thoughts about eye creams in the comments section!

Favorite Avon eye cream and serum.
These are my favorite Avon eye cream and eye serum.

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