How to Shop Avon Online and Save

It’s easy to save money when you shop Avon online.

Did you know that you save money when you shop Avon with an Avon Independent Sales Representative? It’s true. And not just in person, that counts online too! If you go to the corporate Avon site, your prices will be higher than if you shop at my custom Avon site EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE MAKING YOUR PUCHASE FROM AVON AT BOTH SITES.

I know it sounds crazy but it’s absolutely true.

Shop Avon online with me!

It’s not just at my Avon site either. If you shop with any Avon Independent Sales Rep you’ll save money but since you’re already here, I’d love to be your online Avon lady.

Don’t worry. Some things haven’t changed. Avon still has it’s awesome bi-weekly campaign brochures and special sale catalogs but now they’re all online! You can view the latest ones HERE: View the current Avon brochures and sale catalogs.

There’s also a Digital Catalog that you’re going to love! You can view it HERE: View the current Digital Avon catalog.

And you can still get help by using the contact me button at my Avon site. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Best of all your order gets delivered right to your home or office and there’s always FREE SHIPPING on orders of $60+.

Not to mention that if you’re one of my customers, and you sign up to receive Avon email from me, I’ll send you personalized coupons for things like free gifts with purchase, percentage off coupons and more! You can sign up to receive my special emails by joining my mailing list at the bottom of the page at my Avon site HERE.

Shop Avon online with Robin

I’d love to be your Avon Independent Sales Representative! Did you know you can shop Avon online with me from anywhere in the USA and have your products delivered right to your front door? You’ll save money when shopping with an Avon Rep too!


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