Avon is Having a BIG Celebration (and SALE) for Skin So Soft’s 60th Anniversary

Women have been pampering themselves with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil for 60 years and Avon is celebrating with a big sale!

In case you’ve never had the pleasure, Skin So Soft bath oil is a jojoba-infused luxury bath oil that helps your skin and mind with its uplifting botanical and herbal scent. It’s called America’s favorite bath oil and one try will make it your favorite too!

Avon skin so soft bath oil is on sale
Shop Skin So Soft Bath Oil

Over the years, Skin So Soft has evolved from just the original bath oil. There are now 3 different scents and several new products.

skin so soft bath oils
Skin So Soft comes in Original, Radiant Moisture, and Soft & Sensual.

In addition to its bath oils, Skin So Soft also has creamy body washes and shower gels as well as moisturizers. Visit Skin So Soft 101 at Avon to see the entire Bath and Body line.

There’s even a line of Skin so Soft dedicated to making your skin so smooth by way of a moisturizing shave oil along with body and facial hair removers.

skin so soft shave cream and hair removers
Browse Here to See the Entire Line of Skin So Soft

Avon makes no claims that original Skin So Soft bath oil keeps biting bugs away (even though people have been using it that way for years) but Avon now has an entire line of Skin So Soft specifically formulated for use as bug sprays and bug repellents. The Skin So Soft Bug Guard line protects against mosquitoes, deer ticks, gnats, no-seeums, sand flies and biting midges. Some of the formulas are even two-in-one insect repellent and sunscreen.

Skin so Soft bug guard
Shop for Skin So Soft Bug Guard

Join the Conversation

Have you ever used Skin So Soft? Did your mom? How about Grandma? Share your memories of Skin So Soft in the comments. I love hearing from my readers!

I’d also love to be your Avon Independent Sales Representative! Did you know you can shop Avon online with me from anywhere in the USA and have your products delivered right to your front door? You’ll save money when shopping with an Avon Rep too!


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