New Elastine Propolithera Volume Mousse is the Bee’s Knees!

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of Avon’s popular Elastine Propolithera family. Say hello to Elastine Propolithera Volume Mousse and say goodbye to limp, stiff and sticky hair.

Elastine Propolithera Volume Mousse
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Add lift, bounce, body and fullness to your locks without stiffness or stickiness with this lightweight volumizing mousse, featuring our signature buzzworthy blend of propolis extract, honey and royal jelly. Provides long-lasting volume, enhances elasticity and minimizes breakage for a flexible hold with natural-looking long-lasting style and shine. It also protects against heat, making it perfect for blow-drying. 5 fl. oz.

Why You’ll Love Elastine Propolithera Volume Mousse
• Adds lift, volume, body, bounce and movement to hair
• Provides natural looking, long-lasting flexible hold without collapsing hair while helping to give hair bouncy movement
• Helps increase elasticity and therefore decrease signs of fragility and breakage.
• Revitalizes and delivers a silky finish with bee-derived ingredients
• Styles and conditions hair without stiffness
• Provides long-lasting volume
• Keeps hair looking full all day
• Protects hair against heat – perfect for blow-drying

curly haired model using Elastine Propolithera Volume Mousse

How to Use Elastine Propolithera Volume Mousse

Use on dry or damp hair before styling or air dry. Shake well. Hold upright to dispense an egg-size amount. Do not hold can upside down when dispensing. Apply to damp hair from root to ends. Comb through and blow dry to activate.
For best results, use after shampooing and conditioning with the Elastine Propolithera collection.

Elastine Propolithera hair care products at Avon


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