Special Offer On Avon Bug Guard

Just in time for spring and summer outdoor fun, Avon is running a special offer on it’s famous Skin So Soft Bug Guard inspect repellent. For a limited time only, in addition to them all being on sale, you’ll get Free Bug Guard Picaridin Travel Spray, with any 2 Bug Guard Purchases.

Find the Skin So Soft Bug Guard that’s right for you!

Choose from bug repellent with sunscreen, waterproof insect repellent with sunscreen, and even an anti-itch spray for when you forgot to use your Bug Guard. Travelling this summer? Be sure to stock up on Avon’s Bug Guard towelettes. They go in your pocket or purse and can be taken anywhere in your carry-on bag.

All of Avon’s insect repellent formulas contain either Picaridin or IR3535®. They are dermatologist-tested, DEET-free, PABA-free and contain Vitamin E.

LEARN MORE ABOUT ALL OF THE SKIN SO SOFT BUG GUARD FORMULAS and take advantage of the limited time special offer now!

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