Mission Luxereve Eye Cream Set

It’s finally here! The missing piece to the Mission Luxereve skincare puzzle! I don’t know about you but I’ve been hoping that Avon would add an eye cream to their Mission Luxereve skincare line.

Mission Luxereve Eye Cream Set
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In addition to the Mission Luxereve Eye Cream, you get two rose quartz eye massagers. Here’s the important deets from Avon about this fantastic new anti-aging product to add to your Japanese skincare routine.

Open your eyes to luxury. Our new remarkable eye cream includes Royal Georgian Ferm™, a unique elasticity complex.


Help visibly restore firmness and elasticity around the eyes with this luxurious, yet lightweight hypoallergenic eye cream. Rejuvenate the eye area even more with the Rose Quartz Eye Massagers, a set of natural stone massagers that soothe and cool, helping relieve fatigue for a refreshed look. Ergonomically designed to use all around upper and lower areas: small side for acupressure; larger side for massage.

Set includes:
• Mission Luxereve Eye Cream, .53 oz. net wt.
• Rose Quartz Eye Massagers

How to use the Mission Luxereve Eye Cream Set
Eye Cream: Use in the morning and at night after using Mission Luxereve Cream. Take an appropriate amount with your ring finger and evenly apply on skin around the eyes.
Massagers: After applying eye cream, use the Rose Quartz Eye Massagers for the following two steps:
Step 1: Acupressure around the eyes. Using the small side (upper part) of the massage tools, gently press acupressure points around the eyes* (see diagram on manual in box) for 3 seconds each.
Step 2: 360-degree massage around the eyes. Using the larger side (lower part) of the massage tools, gently work around the eye area from the inner corners beneath both the eyes and eyebrows, massaging outward. (Repeat 3 times) Then, gently glide upwards from the eyebrows towards the forehead. Repeat 3 times (see diagram on manual in box).

Have you tried any of the Mission Luxereve anti-aging skin care products from Avon yet? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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