My Avon Team is Growing! Why Don’t You Join Us?

Now is an amazing time to join Avon!

Amazing, I Know!
Get paid to shop and share beauty — really!

Right now, it’s free to sign up to sell Avon. Here’s everything you’ll get once you sign up:

You get your own site that you can personalize where your friends and family can shop.

You get to go to Avon U where you get free training that happens on YOUR time.

You also get a full-size product. (Physiogel)

If your first order is $60.+ you’ll also get a $10.00 credit and 135 of Avon’s popular lip balms in assorted flavors.

135 Avon lip balms
135 lips balms = 135 chances to share and talk about your new beauty business!

On orders of $40.+ you earn 20/25% commission.

And on orders of $40.+ you get 20/25% off when shopping for yourself.

AND there are some really GREAT rewards that you receive as you move up the Avon ladder.

And believe it or not, you also get offered many other discounts and perks from other companies! These change all the time but you’ll get emails that tell you what’s available.

This truly is an amazing time to join and get started with your own beauty business.

This is only being offered for a limited time so don’t delay. Sign up today!

I’d love to have you join my growing Avon team!

This offer is only available to USA residents. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments, or by contacting me through my Avon store. And after you sign up, I’ll be available to help you with any questions you have then too!

Thank you for visiting today!

learn about becoming an Avon representative.


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