How To Get The Best Selfie For Use With An Online Makeup Shade Tester

Put your best face forward!

When using an online makeup tester, your favorite selfie may not be putting the best light on your complexion. As an Avon Independent Sales Representative, I’ll be discussing their virtual makeup tool but my tips can help you put your best face forward when using any online makeup shade finder.

The Avon Virtual Makeup Tool makes it so easy to find the right shades of makeup to match your complexion and color or shade preferences. Online shopping has made it impossible to use on-hand samples the way we used to. But… the amazing technology behind Avon’s virtual tester allows you to try on each shade of Avon’s makeup to find the one, or ones, that look great on you. That way when you’re choosing your foundation, eye shadow, blush and/or lipstick colors, you can get a good idea of how they will look on you before making the purchase.

You’ll find the tool available underneath the images on all of the pages of makeup where the tool is available. You’ll see the words “Try It On”.

How to Take the Best Selfie to use with an Online Makeup Shade Tester

In order to use the virtual makeup tool effectively, you need a good photo of yourself. And I don’t mean your favorite selfie. The best photo to use while choosing shades of makeup is the one that puts your skin in the best light.

  1. Face the Light – When taking a photo for use with the Virtual Makeup Tool you should always stand with your face facing into the light. Standing with your back to the light may create shadows that will mess with the actual coloring of your skin in the picture.
  2. Go outside. If possible, take your photo outside.
  3. If going outside is not a possibility, stand by a window, facing the light.
  4. Be mindful of your makeup. For instance, if you’re choosing a foundation and you want to find the best one for your complexion, take the photo sans any makeup and especially don’t wear any foundation. If you’re trying to match a favorite shade of foundation, then you should be wearing that foundation. The shade comparison tool is THE BEST for helping you match a color! (see below)
  5. Using the camera on your phone is best. After all, your phone camera is designed for taking great photos. Your laptop or computer may not catch you in the right light and it’s probably not as good of a camera as the one you have on your phone.

After you have the best possible photo of yourself, you can upload it into the Avon Virtual Makeup Tool and start using it to find your favorite shades of makeup. While there, don’t miss out on using the Makeup Shade Comparison Tool. It’s really helpful.

Using the Makeup Shade Comparison Tool at Avon

While trying and testing out the shades in the virtual makeup tool don’t miss the Shade Comparison Tool. When in the virtual tester, you’ll see an icon that looks like a book in the top left hand corner of your selfie. Click it and you’ll be able to compare two sides of your selfie photo. Your natural color in the photo can be viewed on half the photo and the new color you’re trying will be on the other side. Best of all you can slide the line back and forth while comparing the two.

I hope you found my tips helpful! If you know of any other great tips for taking selfies to use with online makeup tools, please share them in the comments. Sharing is caring.

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