Discover LYRD Candles at Avon – Gorgeous Fine Fragrances Crafted By Expert Perfumers


Avon has just introduced LYRD candles to their LYRD fragrances collection. There are 3 unbelievable scents to entice your senses and add a glorious warm and wonderful atmosphere to your home this winter. These elegant candles with their black labels will look great with just about any Home Decor.

I’m so happy that Avon released these candles during the winter months because there’s nothing I like better on a cold winter’s night than to relax on the couch with a good movie to watch and a lovely-scented lit candle for ambiance. And with Christmas time over, I’m glad to retire the pine and peppermint fragrances in favor of something a bit more floral.

I think any of these would fit the bill for a romantic Valentine’s evening too. Especially this year when most of us will be celebrating the occasion at home. Why not set the scene with candle glow?

The LYRD candles have three wicks and are made with a Soy-blend wax in a glass jar. With 30 hours of burn time, you’ll be adding a bit of romance for many evenings to come.

Choose from three delicious scents including:

Seriously, one sounds better than the next, right? It’s a good thing that I get a nice discount for being an Avon Independent Sales Representative because I think I need all of them!

Avon catalog image of their new LYRD candles
Image from the Avon online catalog for brochure campaign 3, 2021.

Make your home even more welcoming with new unique fine fragrance 11oz. LYRD candles, crafted by expert perfumers, bringing magic to your everyday.

LYRD Rose Blossom & Musk Candle

LYRD Rose Blossom & Musk Candle
LYRD Rose Blossom & Musk Candle – Elevate your space with a warm blend of pink peony, sophisticated rose blossom and soft musk.

LYRD Violet & Birch Candle

LYRD Violet & Birch Candle
LYRD Violet & Birch Candle – Elevate your space with an indulgent blend of delicate violet, crisp birch and warm vanilla.

LYRD Juicy Currant & Magnolia Candle

LYRD Juicy Currant & Magnolia Candle
LYRD Juicy Currant & Magnolia Candle – Elevate your space with an indulgent blend of juicy currant, sweet rhubarb and blooming magnolia.

Important candle burning instructions:
Place candle on trivet or holder before lighting to protect furniture.
Do not burn candle without ample clearance, too close to wall, near combustible materials or in an enclosed area.
Never drop burned matches or other objects into candle.
Never extinguish flame with water.

To prevent fire: burn within sight, keep away from things that catch fire, keep away from children and pets.
Container will be hot when candle is lit.
Always use a candle holder, placing it on a heat-resistant surface.
Avoid drafts.
Do not burn more than 2 hours at one use.
To reduce sooting always trim wick to ¼” prior to lighting.
Avoid using in drafty areas.
Do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool.
If flame gets too large, extinguish, without using water, allow candle to cool and trim wick.
Never pick up or move a burning candle.

Assembled in USA

Which of these gorgeous scents are you going to try first? I’m thinking I might go for the Currant and Magnolia first. Then again, that Rose with Musk sounds pretty good too.

PLEASE NOTE: Avon candles are usually limited edition but they always have something super scent-sational in the candle department. You can see all of Avon’s Current Candle selections by visiting:

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