Discover VDL Creamy Stick Jelly from AVON

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I love products that do double duty, don’t you? I also love when I can perfectly match my lipstick to my cheek color with no worries of colors that don’t go well together or even… gasp… clash! I also love cosmetics that are comfortable to apply and to wear. For me, VDL Creamy Stick Jelly ticks all those boxes and more!

VDL Creamy Stick Jelly is a brand new product at Avon, It’s a multi-purpose cosmetic that can be used for lips and cheeks. It’s infused with botanical extracts for antioxidant benefits and moisturizing shea butter. This amazing creamy, jelly-soft formula glides on and blends effortlessly for buildable sheer-to-medium natural-looking coverage.

VDL Creamy Stick Jelly
Discover VDL Creamy Stick Jelly at Avon Now

Why You’ll Love VDL Creamy Stick Jelly
• Glides on and blends effortlessly
• Creamy jelly-soft color
• Buildable, sheer to medium coverage with a dewy finish.
• Infused with botanical extracts for antioxidant benefits and moisturizing shea butter

What Does VDL Stand For?

VDL is the name of a cutting-edge cosmetics brand based in Seoul, South Korea. The name is an acronym that stands for “Vivid Desires come to Life“. They are working in collaboration with Avon on several products including the Creamy Stick Jelly.

How To Use VDL Creamy Stick Jelly
Apply the Creamy Stick Jelly directly on to your cheeks and lips. Blend with fingertips or a brush for natural-looking color. Reapply as needed to achieve your desired color.

Color examples of VDL Creamy Jelly Stick by Avon
I’m loving all of the shades of Creamy Stick Jelly!

How Many Colors Does Creamy Stick Jelly Come In?

VDL Creamy Stick Jelly comes in 4 gorgeous shades including Riding Hood, Floege, Rose Flake and Gretel. You can see examples of each color in the image above.

Where is VDL Creamy Stick Jelly by Avon made?

VDL Creamy Stick Jelly is made in South Korea. It’s another shining example of how fabulous Korean beauty products are! I honestly haven’t tried any of the Avon – Korean beauty collaborations that I haven’t fallen in love with. They usually cost a bit more but they are so worth it.

VDL Creamy Stick Jelly from Avon

Have you been lucky enough to try this amazing product? Share your thoughts about VDL Creamy Stick Jelly in the comments. I’d love to here what you think!

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