Why I Love Selling AVON

I Get paid to shop and share beauty — really!

I started selling AVON this past summer and I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. As an AVON independent sales representative, I’m meeting lots of nice, new people, mostly online but some in person as well, and I’m earning a little extra for my family. I’m also saving money buying products at discounted prices that I used to pay full price for so for me, so far, this has been a win, win, win!

There’s been all kinds of additional perks, prizes, and bonuses along the way too!

I’m learning so much about skin care and at 60, that’s truly a blessing. Being my own boss is a blessing too!

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

And even though I’ve started selling AVON later in life, this is also a great job for young moms who want to be at home with their children while still earning a few extra bucks or for anyone to do as a second job. In fact, nowadays there are quite a few men who sell AVON too.

I’m learning about AVON products, new and old, by attending online learning sessions and webinars. All of the training is free, informative, and fun.

I’ve found several new products that I absolutely love so much more than what I used to use. For example, the CHI hair dye is literally to die for. There’s none of that awful smell I used to deal with and it covers my grays like a charm. It costs a bit more than my previous brand but with my discount, it’s well worth the extra couple of bucks. Not to mention it comes with a small bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and serum that I LOVE now too!


How to Sell AVON

When you sign up to sell AVON, you have a lot of different options for selling it.

  • Sell AVON in person using campaign brochures.
  • Sell AVON only online through your free AVON eStore that AVON sets up for you.
  • Sell AVON only to your friends and family.
  • Sell AVON from a FACEBOOK page or Group.
  • Sell AVON by way of other social media outlets like Instagram or Twitter.
  • Sell AVON as an Influencer.
  • Sell AVON by writing a beauty blog.
  • Start an AVON Vlog on YouTube.
  • You can even sell AVON only to yourself!

You might think that 2020 hasn’t been the optimal time to start a new career but selling AVON and connecting, and reconnecting, with people has been keeping me busy and happy.

And that’s why I love selling AVON!

Image by HND from Pixabay

Would you like to join me? If you’re looking for a fun side gig or a way to start earning a few extra dollars, I’d love to have you join my AVON team.

Don’t get me wrong. I keep saying earn a few dollars because when you start out, that’s usually how it works but at AVON there are lots of ways to move up and increase your earnings so that it’s entirely possible to turn this into a long term, full time job… if you want it to be. That’s what I’m hoping for!

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can learn more, and sign up for free (for a limited time) by visiting Become a Representative HERE.

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