Luxurious Sachets for your Closets and Drawers – AVON LYRD Artisan Sachet Set Review

Use these luxurious sachets to scent your closets and drawers. The AVON LYRD Artisan Sachet set comes with two sachets, one in their irresistible Cherry Vetiver and the other in their amazing Santal Musk eau de parfum fragrances.

AVON LYRD Artisan Sachet Set
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Before we go any further I have to admit that I’m partial to both of these scents. They are, by far, my new favorites and I plan to be wearing them for a long time to come so when I saw that they are now available in sachet form, I was thrilled! It’s so nice to open my closet door and be greeted by such a lovely fragrance each day.

Avon’s LYRD Artisan fragrances were expertly crafted by master perfumers. They’re gender-neutral with unexpected combinations of the finest ingredients that are exquisite alone, but even more fascinating together.

The scents are light without being too light, if that makes any sense. That’s why I love them so much. They aren’t overpowering at all and yet, they make a statement.

You’ll want to buy more than one set because not only will they make your home smell amazing, they make an elegant gift for either a man or an woman to sachet their homes as well. They’d make nice house-warming, host or hostess gifts, or even Secret Santa gifts too.

The sachet scent while in use lasts approximately two months.

AVON LYRD Artisan Sachet Set

AVON LYRD Artisan Sachet Set
Buy now at AVON

Set includes:
• LYRD Artisan Cherry Vetiver Perfumed Satchet
• LYRD Santal Musk Perfumed Satchet
• Cotton/linen drawstring pouches and ribbon included

LYRD Artisan Eau De Parfum by AVON

These are the amazing LYRD ARTISAN scents in their original eau de parfum form. Not only do they smell good, but as you can see, they’re packaged beautifully too!


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Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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