2 Ways to Shop with Avon Coupon Codes

Each campaign, Avon offers different coupon codes that give you great things like maybe a free gift with purchase, a percentage off, and sometimes even free shipping on orders that are less than $60. or more which is AVON’S standard amount for free shipping.


You can’t just go and find AVON coupon codes online. In order to receive and use these codes to get these amazing deals, you need to be signed up with an AVON independent sales representative. The coupon codes are distributed by AVON and after signing up you will receive them via email usually within 24 to 48 hours for first time users. After that, you should receive new coupon codes approximately every two weeks with each new AVON campaign.

Your codes will only work at the online store of the AVON independent sales representative that you signed up with.

I’d be happy to sign you up and send you the new codes as soon as they become available. You can sign up for AVON’s coupon codes at the bottom of each page at my AVON eStore and at the bottom of each page in the online catalog brochure or by visiting GET AVON COUPONS, right here at my blog. The only information I need is your name and email address.


There are actually two different ways you can use the AVON coupon codes once you receive them. To begin, either way, you will need to be signed into your account using the same email address that you use to receive your coupon codes.

2 Ways to Use Avon Coupon Codes

how to get Avon coupon codes
Enter the Coupon Code into the Coupon Code Box.
The word GLIMMER is the Avon coupon code being used here.
  1. At check out, directly under your order summary, you’ll see a box that says, ENTER COUPON CODE. (See photo above.) Choose the code you’d like to use from the emails you’ve received from AVON and enter it into the box. Then, click apply.
  2. At check out, look at the top of the page where it says, Hi next to your name. If you have any active coupon codes there will be a pink dot next to your name. (As pictured below.) Click there and then choose the word, OFFERS, from the drop down that appears. All of your AVON coupon codes will now be visible to you. Choose the one you want to use by clicking on APPLY CODE TO BAG and it will automatically be applied to your order.
how to use Avon coupon codes
Choose Offers from the drop down under your name.

AVON coupon codes change all the time and they do expire so be sure to use the ones you’re interested in right away so you aren’t disappointed!

DON’T MISS THIS: While checking out, directly under the coupon code box you’ll see another box where you can request a free brochure to be sent to you with your order. Shopping online is fun but everyone loves browsing a paper AVON brochure.

I hope you found this helpful.

Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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