Beautiful Ornament Earrings by Avon Review

If you’re looking for an elegant, yet totally festive pair of earrings to complete your holiday outfit, you need to take a look at these beautiful ornament earrings.

They’re super glamorous and even more sparkly than they appear in the photo. They’d look great wearing them at your holiday dinner on Christmas but you can find plenty of other opportunities to wear them leading up to the big day too.

Ornament Earrings by Avon

Holiday charm. Decorate your ears with festive symbols designed with ornate details and colorful sparkling accents.

Ornament earrings by Avon
BUY Ornament Earrings at Avon

• Shimmering stone details
• Pierced, 1” L drop

• Goldtone plating

Avon's Ornament Earrings
Avon’s Ornament Earrings

They’re mostly red and gold-tone in color with multi-colored stones forming stripes down the front of each ornament with a gold-tone bow at the top.. They’re made for pierced ears and have a one inch drop so they really aren’t intended for children. They are so pretty in person! Just think of all the holiday cheer you’ll be spreading every time you wear them!

And they’re really affordable too!

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