3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks Using Avon or Whatever Makeup You Have at Home

The Avon blog recently shared their favorite Halloween makeup looks and every one of them was something you can easily DIY at home. These are looks that can add to your costume’s appeal or actually BECOME your costume. Read on to see how easy it really is to have vampire lips and fun bat wing eyes and also see a super cute way to create a cat look on anyone.

3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks


Easy vampire lips makeup
Easily become an everyday vampire! Photo by Avon.

For easy vampire lips all you need is a tube of really red lipstick. It doesn’t even have to be done neatly to become an everyday vampire. Wear whatever you like, people will surely “get it” or add a cape and fake sharp teeth to complete the more familiar vampire look. Read more about this and learn which Avon lipstick works best to achieve this look HERE.


Easy bat wing eyeliner makeup
Wear this look alone or add it to a batty costume! Photo by Avon.

You might need a bit of practice and a skilled hand but this bat wing eyeliner look is definitely worth the effort and easy enough after a couple tries. To achieve this one you’ll simply need a fine tipped black eyeliner. Avon True Color SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen in Black will do the trick nicely. Visit HERE to learn more about how to create this look at home.


Easy cat face makeup
A precise black liner is all you need for this catty look! Photo by Avon.

For this easy cat face makeup look, once again Avon’s True Color SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen in Black, or any other fine tipped black eyeliner. As you can see by the photo above, it’s easy to create a cute cat-like look. Add cat clothing or just go out wearing your normal clothes, black would be best, to become a feline for Halloween. Find more tips to complete this look HERE.

I hope you found these easy Halloween makeup looks helpful. Enjoy your Halloween!

Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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