Must Have Nail Pro Beauty Bundle for DIY Mani – Pedi

If you’re like me, staying home and away from people as much as possible, you’ve probably been doing a lot of your own finger and toenail work yourself lately. I find the polishing is all well and good and thankfully all mistakes easily come off with nail polish remover but if the actual filing, clipping, and cuticle work leaves you screaming for your manicurist’s cell number, you’ll probably be interested in a more professional set of nail tools.

And take it from me, any DIY mani-pedi can be done a lot easier if you have the right tools!

Avon to the rescue!

Pro Nail Beauty Bundle

Avon’s 5 piece Pro Nail Beauty Bundle includes all of the tools you need to get professional-looking nails at home.

The Pro Nail Beauty Bundle includes:

• Pro Salon 6 Way Buffer
• Pro Salon Nail Pusher
• Pro Salon Toe Separator
• Pro Salon Cuticle Trimmer
• Pro Salon Nail Nipper

Of course, you can also purchase each of these pro nail tools separately. Isn’t the Toe Separator just darling with its little hearts everywhere? I love it!

You’ll notice there’s also some other daily essential beauty tools in the flyer that are on sale right now that you might need.

Not only are Avon’s beauty tools top quality and great for YOU to have on hand… get it? on hand? Sorry! but they also make absolutely wonderful stocking stuffers and the Pro Nail Beauty Bundle 5 piece set would make a terrific gift for someone you know who loves doing their own DIY manicure.

Thanks for stopping by today! Wishing you and yours a beautiful day,

Your online Avon lady, Robin S.

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