What is a Fragrance Wardrobe and Why Do You Need One

A fragrance wardrobe is something that everyone should have at their disposal and even though I’ll be talking mostly to women today, men should also think about creating a wardrobe of cologne scents.

Are you interested in building a fragrance wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Just like a wardrobe of clothing, your fragrance wardrobe should reflect your personal taste and style.

Before we dive into that, let’s discuss exactly what a fragrance wardrobe is.

What is a Fragrance Wardrobe?

A fragrance wardrobe is really nothing more than a collection of scents and perfumes that you enjoy wearing. I’m sure you’ve already discovered that certain scents make you feel more confident, or sexy, or carefree. Some can even make you nostalgic for a different time or place.

Your own fragrance wardrobe might consist of 3 to 5 different fragrances that you wear on a regular, albeit rotating, basis.

You might have a signature scent that you wear consistently but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have another, more luxurious, scent for special occasions and another one that you might change with the seasons. A light scent in the summer might not be enough to wear during sweater weather. Your signature work scent might be light and airy but when you’re off to a wedding, you might prefer to wear something a bit more exotic.

That’s not to say your scents can’t all be from the same family. If you enjoy floral scents, you don’t have to include anything spicy into your fragrance wardrobe. In fact, you should truly love all of the scents you own and wear.

Why You Need a Fragrance Wardrobe

Just like you would never wear the same exact outfit every single day, all month long, you should have a couple of changes in your perfume collection.

You should have a lighter fragrance for every day and office wear. Another fragrance that you save for those special occasions that usually happen on the weekends. And you should also have a selection of different formula types of fragrances.

If you like to wear floral fragrances, your entire wardrobe should be filled with different floral scents that you enjoy. You don’t need to add anything musky to the mix. The same goes for any other type of fragrance. If you like warm indulgent more spicy scents, you should not add a floral just to have one.

Instead, think about choosing several different formula bases to complete your fragrance wardrobe.

The following shows the different fragrance formulas in order of how strong their concentration is from weakest to strongest.

The stronger and more concentrated the formula is, the longer wearing it will be.

  • Splash or Body Mist
  • Eau de Cologne
  • Eau de toilette
  • Eau de parfum
  • Perfume

You would probably not wear perfume to the office every day but you would absolutely feel comfortable wearing it for a dinner date.

Eau de toilette or eau de parfum would probably be the strongest fragrance type you’d want to use for every day and a body mist is the perfect choice before yoga or after your bath in the evening.

The seasons might also be a good reason to switch fragrances for a while. You might like something light, fresh, and beachy for spring and summer and something a bit warmer and more indulgent for the fall and winter.

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What types of scents do you keep in your fragrance wardrobe? Share your favorites in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

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