Try the Virtual Try-On Feature At Avon

Have you ever wished you could see how that shade of lipstick looks on you before you buy it? Did you know that Avon has a tool to make your wish come true?  In fact, the Virtual Try-On feature at Avon makes it possible for you to test out all of the colors available for many different makeup types so you can always find the one that’s just right before making a purchase.

This model is testing a lipstick shade.

Try the Virtual Try-On Feature At Avon
Try the Virtual Try-On Feature at Avon

It’s all part of the new way Avon helps you make your Avon purchases online.

The feature is so good it even got a shout-out at

You simply upload a photo or choose an image of a model with similar coloring to yourself and then you can test out all of the different shades to see which one you like best. Did you ever want to try really red lipstick but didn’t want to shell out the bucks in case you hated it? Now you can go for it without spending a dime.

Avon model
This is one of the model photos you can choose.

You can find the perfect foundation color for your skin tone, match eye shadow to an outfit, or find the shade that works best on your brows.

How To Use Avon’s Try It On Feature

When shopping Avon, whenever there’s a makeup shade choice, you’ll see a pink box directly underneath the product photo that says, TRY IT ON.

Click the box to start your TRY IT ON session.

You’ll be asked to upload a photo or choose a model. Make your selection.

After that, you’ll see the color testers become brighter and you can start trying on all of the different options.

While testing, on the right-hand side of the photo you’re looking at, you’ll see a symbol that looks something like an open magazine. If you click on that, a line will appear on the face of the photo. The line can be dragged from side to side so that you can see before and after the makeup has been applied. Here’s an example:

Avon Virtual Try-On Tool in action
You can see both before and after applying the new shade by sliding the tool across the photo.

Have you tried the Virtual Try-On feature at Avon yet? What are you waiting for? It’s fun and it’s free to virtually try on different shades of makeup to see which colors work best on you.

You can use the tool on every page in the Avon Digital catalog and at my Avon online store. Try on any of the makeup products that offer different shades or go get a virtual makeover to play around, and get used to using the TRY IT ON feature.

I’m Robin and I’d love to be your ONLINE Avon Independent Sales Representative! Did you know you can shop Avon online with me from anywhere in the USA and have your products delivered right to your front door? You’ll save money when shopping with me too!  Thank you for shopping my small business!

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