Best Gift Ideas for a Glamour Girl

If you’re looking for a glamorous gift for someone special, Avon has the perfect thing! And guys, don’t worry. There’s no need to consult with an Avon lady to grab these gorgeous gifts for your wife or girlfriend. You can shop online and have it delivered right to your home or office. No contact necessary.

The cost is a little bit pricey but so worth it… especially if she has a vanity or some place where she likes to shrine her cosmetics to show them off.

For 2020, Avon has been creating gorgeous iconic containers that are filled with beautiful scented products that any woman is sure to love. The bottles, jars and even the packaging looks like something you might find on the dressing table of a Hollywood starlet back in the 1920’s. Any of these would make the most wonderful Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift ever!

The Best Things Come In Small Packages

Iconic Elastine perfumed Hair serum
Shop for Iconic Elastine Perfumed Hair Serum

Best Glamour Gifts from Avon

My top gift ideas for a glamour girl are chosen from these cute vintage-look perfumed products… the Iconic Elastine Perfumed hair serum and the Veilment Perfumed Body Gel. Either one of those would make a terrific gift idea alone but if you gift them to her TOGETHER, well then now you really have something super special that she’ll treasure for a very long time because a little of each of these sweet-smelling elixirs goes a long way.

These are limited-edition best-selling formulas, presented in Avon’s new iconic designs. These will quickly become her favorites and in the years to come, the containers are sure to become collectibles. They really are THAT pretty!

Iconic Veilment Perfumed Body Gel
Shop for Iconic Veilment Perfumed Body Gels.

You can mix and match them to your hearts content and each of these smell amazing so you really can’t make a wrong choice but I like to gift them by color coordination.

Depending on if she has a favorite color represented among the group, I’d choose the two pinks, the Iconic Veilment Perfumed Body Gel – Love Letter and the Iconic Elastine Perfumed Hair Serum – Topaz to gift as a pair

Or I’d choose the two yellow containers which are the Iconic Veilment Perfumed Body Gel – Sunset Bloom and the Iconic Elastine Perfumed Hair Serum – Amber to give her together.

The purple one, the Iconic Elastine Perfumed Hair Serum – Amethyst I’d use as a stand alone gift.

Elastine Perfumed hair serum in Amethyst.
Gorgeous gift idea!

You can shop online and save at my Avon store by visiting the following:

Iconic Veilment Perfumed Body Gels

Iconic Elastine Perfumed Hair Serums

What do you think? Would you like to receive one of more of these gorgeous iconic Avon products? Will you be gifting any of them to someone special this year? Which is your favorite, the serums or the gel? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I love hearing from my readers.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Your Online Avon Lady, Robin S.

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