OMG! Avon Campaign 20 is Amazing! Don’t Miss Out!

So exciting! Avon’s campaign 20 digital catalog has kicked off and there’s lots of great stuff inside. In fact, I think 20 is my absolute favorite campaign since I started selling Avon.

Here’s a few of my very favorite things being featured in Avon’s Campaign 20 brochure.

Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate

The Avon campaign 20 digital catalog opens with an introduction to Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate. After using this “skin looks luminous and lifted. The eye area appears brighter and firmer.” Learn more about the products in the full line up HERE.

Want beautifully scented, luminous-looking skin?

Iconic Avon Products and Packaging

My most favorite things about campaign 20 is the introduction to several iconic Avon products as they celebrate Avon’s 134 years of beauty. That’s right. Avon has been around longer than a woman’s right to vote. Can you imagine that? Anyway, anyone who knows me, knows how much I love vintage and retro things. There are several different gorgeous containers of hair serum and perfumed body gels, makeup sets, Anew collections, jewelry, and perfumes all in adorable iconic packaging. These are really nice for gifting so don’t miss out!

New A Box for September – Cherry-ish Yourself

Look at all the great products in September’s A Box!

There’s also a brand new A Box that’s being presented. If you’re not familiar with Avon’s A Boxes, there’s a new one each month and you can purchase it for just $10.00 with a purchase of $40.00 or more. This month’s box is called Cherry-ish Yourself and is valued at $42.00. It contains some rally great products. You’ll get a travel size of the new Lyrd Artisan cherry scent that can be worn by men or women, a Birthday Balm Lip Crayon, Dazzle Pink Gel Finish nail enamel and Therapy Oil Blending Cream.

There’s a LOT MORE to see in campaign 20 so grab a cuppa something and head over to the digital catalog located HERE to check everything out. You’ll be glad you did.

Wishing you a beautiful day, Robin S. – Your Online Avon Lady

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