Why You Should Shop Avon Online

Avon is moving towards the future in a big way. They’re moving away from paper with their awesome Avon online stores.

If you remember the Avon lady coming to your house with a thick campaign brochure to talk about cosmetics and costume jewelry with your mom, you’ll be happy to know that the new Avon digital catalog virtually does the same thing… without damaging any trees. You can still shop for Avon in the comfort of your own home, with an Avon lady, only now you can do it in your PJs if you like while on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

iconic Avon
Iconic Avon. Timeless Style.

You’ll be happy to know that each online Avon store is attached to an online Avon representative who can personally assist you. Use her contact information, found at the store, and she can help you with any questions you might have.

Why Avon Online is Better Than Avon on Paper

At Avon online you shop at your leisure, browse through the digital catalog along with whatever sales flyers are available at any given week. Those campaign brochures you remember are still available and they still come out every two weeks but now they’re completely online.

You can shop in the store itself too. While in the store at the site, visit the How-To section where you’ll find makeup and skin care tips and other beauty articles to read including what’s new and what’s trending.

Avon online even has a virtual makeup tool that you can use to test out the different colors of makeup on yourself, or a model with similar coloring to you, or even another person you are buying makeup for… as long as you have a photo to upload.

iconic avon makeup.
Iconic Avon makeup.

How to Try On Makeup in an Online Avon Store

You’ll find Avon’s virtual makeup tester located beneath every makeup product in an Avon online store.

Click, TRY IT ON and you’ll be able to snap a photo of yourself, upload a photo, or even choose a model with similar coloring to you.

After you have your photo in place, you’ll be able to try all of the different colors and shades of the makeup you’re interested in.

Avon celebrating beauty since 1886
Avon. Celebrating women and beauty since 1886.

Shop with an Avon Rep and Save

Probably the best part about shopping Avon online is that if you shop in an Avon Independent Sales Representative’s store, like mine, you’ll save money!

Seriously. Avon is an awesome company that’s been championing women for over a hundred and thirty years. Wow! That’s more than twice my lifetime. With their policy of offering sale prices to people who shop in an online Avon lady’s store, they are continuing their efforts towards helping women succeed.

Important Information about Online Avon Shopping

Gone are the days when you order from an Avon lady and she hand delivers your products.

Now when you shop at an online Avon representative’s store, your order, including your payment method, and any customer service, is handled directly by Avon. Your purchases are shipped directly to you. If you’re not happy with your Avon purchase you can send it back to Avon for a refund. You can read all about Avon’s shipping and return policy HERE.


Avon Looks to the Future

As Avon looks to the future with digital online shopping, it’s also changing it’s product line up to include new and trendy makeup and skin care. You’ll find lots of natural and vegan products as well as a slew of Korean beauty products through collaborations with well known, high end companies like CHI and THE FACE SHOP. And speaking of high end skin care, have you seen the Mission Luxereve products at Avon yet? They are to die for!

Don’t worry, you’ll still find your favorite tried-and-true Avon products like Anew and Skin So Soft. There’s just also a lot of amazing new things to try and buy.

So there you have it. That’s why you should shop Avon online. If you’d like to give it a try, I’d love to be your online Avon lady! My Avon store is located at: www.youravon.com/rms

Thank you for visiting today!

Click HERE to shop the latest Avon sale brochure, browse your favorite products and order easily online!

Click HERE to start your own online beauty business.


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