Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm Review

If there were ever a product that consistently receives rave reviews, from every one, and I mean as an Avon independent sales representative I keep hearing about it over and over again, it’s the Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm.

I heard about it so much and in so many different places that I HAD to give it a try. Here’s my review.

Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm
Buy Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm at Avon


That’s it. That’s my entire review.

Okay, so I realize that’s not really helpful to you. I’ll tell you why I love it so much.

First of all, the smell is just lovely. It’s light and sweet and the perfect scent for drifting off to sleep. I love lavender scents anyway but this one is really special in that it’s not overpowering at all. It’s just a really nice fragrance.

In addition to the wonderful smell, which truly is enough reason to buy this stuff, the Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm works wonders to soften the soles of my feet. I’ve been using it for just a couple of weeks now and I definitely see a huge difference.

Third of all, it’s priced right. You get a generous amount for a low price making it affordable for everyone to experience this incredible product on a nightly basis.

At the time of this posting, Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm is on sale for an even better price so, if you like this foot balm as much as I do, it’s time to stock up! CHECK PRICE HERE

Lastly, but probably the most meaningful thing about this product. Self care is a very important part of life and something many women, and men, overlook. Something as simple as giving your feet a little massage with a soothing, sweet-scented balm at the end of a long tiring day can go a long way towards making you feel good, and it gives you a little me-time to look forward to each and every night. And we certainly all deserve that.

Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm
I keep it in my nightstand drawer so that it’s handy for me at bedtime.

Information from Avon about their Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm:

You walk an average of 5,000 steps a day — in a lifetime, the equivalent of 4½ times around the world. Your hardworking feet deserve to be taken care of!

This ultra-emollient formula has silica beads for a pleasing texture and vitamin E, cocoa butter and shea butter to help hydrate dry skin and soften rough patches on feet. 1.7 oz. net wt.


• Hydrates dry skin
• Softens rough patches on the feet


• Massage on clean, dry feet, concentrating on problem areas. Can be used nightly with cotton socks to enhance the benefits.

Order your Avon Foot Works Lavender Softening Balm HERE

Have you tried Avon’s Foot Works lavender balm yet? If so, what did you think of it? Share your personal review in the comments section. I love hearing from my readers.

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