Why You Should Become An Avon Rep Even If You Don’t Want To Sell Avon

When I was first approached by a friend about selling Avon and becoming an Avon representative, I really had no interest in doing it. The reason was that I had a bunch of old-fashioned ideas about what an Avon lady did and how she sold her cosmetics. And honestly, I wanted no part of it. But after a while, I started to notice my friend was becoming more and more successful and I started doing a bit of investigating… Okay, so I asked my friend to tell me more about it. But I had lots of questions!

What I learned made me do a double take about Avon!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

How much do you earn selling Avon?

You get a 25% commission on $40.00+ orders. Even when the order is your own. And there’s no minimum payout and you don’t have to wait 30 days to get paid!

There’s also lots of fun incentives, bonuses, and gifts with purchase that you can earn. And even though I’m brand new, I’ve already earned several of these.

Avon reps also get tons of other perks… like discount pricing at lots of other stores. Too many to mention here.

How much does it cost to become an Avon Representative?

It’s absolutely FREE to sign up right now! For a limited time only so, if you’re even remotely interested, don’t drag your feet. That’s right. You don’t have to lay a single penny down. You sign up and they give you a store. Just like that.

Is it hard to get started as an Avon Representative?

It’s really easy to get started as an Avon rep. Everything takes place online! Your own personal store is ready and waiting for you. All the training you need or want is easily accessible online too! You can take as much, or as little, training as you’d like.

You order your things online through your representative dashboard and it gets delivered directly to you.

If you ever decided to have your own work at home business, at any time in the future, you’d be all ready to go in an instant! All you’d need to do is start sharing the link to your Avon store. You can sell person to person if you want to but you don’t have to. And no one will pressure you to do that either. In fact, like I said earlier, you can be your only customer if you like. Or even just sell to you and a couple of your close friends. That’s entirely up to you.

Why Avon?

Avon has been helping women start and run their own home based businesses for over 130 years! They’ve recently been purchased by LG, a huge South Korean company that you probably know about from their amazing home appliances. They’re now getting more invested in beauty products and home care items.

Avon is also collaborating with well known companies like Chi and The Face Shop.

If you’ve ever used or heard anything about Korean beauty products, you already know how wonderful they are. I’ve been truly impressed with everything I’ve tried since becoming a new Avon rep which includes several different skin care items, makeup and some household cleaning supplies. I’m slowly switching over to use even more Avon products on a daily basis AND they’re always coming out with new and improved things that I can’t wait to try! As an Avon representative, I get to buy the newest things ahead of the general public which is fun too.

Become an Avon Representative

After I learned more about it, for me, the decision to become an Avon representative was easy. I was looking for a new home based business to get involved in. I had previously tried an Etsy business, with my homemade crochet items but I found it too stressful having to create, promote, sell, and ship everything myself. Not to mention the competition involved with pricing my items. Avon does all of that hard stuff for me. They even make it super easy for me to promote my store on social media. I love that!

And as I said, even if you’re not looking for a work at home business, it’s also an awesome opportunity for anyone who loves Avon and just wants to get their products at a discounted price.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a rep at Avon visit: Become an Avon Representative

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