Korean Beauty Routine for Glass Skin

Korean beauty is not really a look, it’s more of a skin care lifestyle. The results are gorgeous flawless skin with a dewy glow. Any makeup that is worn looks natural and luminous.

I’ve read that Korean women remove their makeup the way we take our shoes off when they return home from work or out from running errands and they wear makeup for as little time as possible during the day. That’s partly how they keep their skin so beautiful but following a strict skin care routine is probably their most powerful secret.

A popular term used for their look is “Glass Skin” because the immaculate unblemished effect reminds one of porcelain. Many people don’t know that Avon is now owned by, LG, and that they’re quickly becoming synonymous with Korean beauty products. Read on to learn how you can follow a Korean beauty routine using Avon products to produce the look of having Glass skin.

Modeling the look of Korean beauty
Modeling the Glass Skin Look With Makeup


The following Korean beauty routine is brought to you from the Avon Insider blog at my Avon store. The links all lead to products there. If you click on them you’ll be able to learn more about each one and buy all of the products you’ll need.

Start with a gentle cleanser like belif Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser. Formulated with amino acids and glycerin-based cleansing agents, this lightweight formula gently removes makeup and impurities and hydrates while it cleanses. Plus, it’s by one of our favorite Korean skin care brands, belif.

BRIGHTENING SERUM                                                       
After cleansing, lather on Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum, an antioxidant serum that contains as much vitamin C as 30 oranges. This super serum illuminates dull, tired skin to look brighter and visibly energized while reviving it with a fresh citrus scent.

Layer a light-as-air moisturizer, such as belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, over serum to lock in hydration. This cushiony moisturizing cream will smooth and nourish skin to keep it hydrated for 26 hours.

Prep your glass skin makeup look with VDL Lumilayer Primer, made with a Lumilayer Prismatic Pearl pigment that visibly brightens, plumps and sculpts skin while blurring pores. It helps enhance the wear of foundation while providing a long-lasting silky texture—making it the perfect start to a luminous look.

To achieve a flawless glass skin look, you, begin with a perfected, natural-looking complexion. Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation Slim Fit features a luxurious cushion design for buildable, even coverage—simply press the poof into the sponge compact to soak up the pigment, then apply to your face for an airy, longwearing finish. Formulated with niacinamide to visibly brighten your skin tone.

Dab a brightening concealer like Cashmere Complexion Longwear Concealer on your under-eye area and over any other blemishes or discolored spots. Formulated with antioxidant barley extract and vitamin E, this richly pigmented concealer nourishes skin while staying on for 24 hours of comfortable, breathable wear.

Create the ultimate glow with a pearlescent formula like VDL Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer, which doubles as a gorgeous highlighter. Apply it to each feature you want to illuminate, and you’ll get a youthful, lit-from-within radiance that makes for the perfect glass skin effect.

Complete your glass skin makeup look with a subtle flush. Moisture Cushion Blush glides on for a dewy, watercolor-like flush that will enhance your complexion to bring out its natural radiance.

model with glass skin using Anew vitamin c serum
Modeling Glass Skin Natural Look

Glass skin can be achieved at any age and with any skin type. I’ve started a Pinterest board that I’m filling with many of the beautiful faces from the Avon catalogs and brochures. Visit it now to see more gorgeous women sporting glass skin.

Click here to visit my Beautiful Faces by Avon Pinterest board now!

belif beauty products from Avon
belif beauty products from Avon

Do you have a Korean skin care routine or any favorite products that you use faithfully each and every day? Tell us all about it in the comments. Remember self care begins at home and should be practiced daily… without fail. I love hearing from my readers.

Thanks for visiting today!

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